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Sales Success: Nick Vendetti

November 14, 2023


Man smiling at the camera.

As an Intern, Nick Vendetti listened attentively to the success stories of full-time employees who visited the Durham Training Center. Today, he is living in his own success story that his Intern self would be proud of.

Setting the Tone

The Durham Training Center was Nick’s first experience in a goal driven, high energy, and supportive work environment. Exposure to both sides of the desk, Account Manager and Recruiter, provided valuable insight and expectations. It set the tone for what trajectory of success looks like early on.


Becoming a member of The Market Exploration Team (MET, formerly known as Explorers) is a core memory of Nick’s ALKU internship. MET’s mission is to pave the way to new niche industries. This moment underscored the value of his hard work and ability to learn from his managers. Being entrusted with responsibilities in a new team was a testament to his ability to succeed. A few months later, Nick was drafted onto ALKU’s Epic team!

A New Chapter

Transitioning to full-time marked a new chapter in Nick’s success story. His day-to-day as a Data Science Recruiter is spent building relationships with consultants and finding opportunities that suit their skills and interests. From the moment Nick started at ALKU, he’s admired every leader and mentor. Knowing that he could go into a leadership position and be someone people look up to and learn from is a good feeling; but for now, Nick plans on keeping his head down, working hard, and learning from his superiors.

From Intern to full-time, Nick has charged forward and stayed motivated when paving his successful career path. Interested in kickstarting your success? Take the first step towards success by applying for a spot in ALKU’s Internship Program.