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Sales Success: Nico Pisello

November 07, 2023


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Nico Pisello had great mentors, great management, and a great opportunity during his time in ALKU’s Internship Program. Fast forward eight years and his seasoned ALKU career path has led him to the coveted role of Business Development Manager (BDM). Nico is proof that ALKU’s Internship Program sets Interns up for full-time success.

Career Launch Pad

Nico was one of the first Interns in the Amherst Training Center in 2016. He wasted no time closing the first deal, instantly creating a name for himself. He capitalized on the opportunity of ALKU’s Internship Program to build client relationships before starting full-time. Sitting down in the Andover office on day one and knowing day-to-day tasks was a massive career advantage for Nico.

Seasoned Career Path

He started his full-time career on ALKU’s Workday team as an Account Manager, achieving tremendous growth, leading to a promotion to Senior Workday Account Manager and to his current role as a BDM. Over the last four years as a BDM, Nico has broken into an impressive number of accounts contributing to the overall growth of ALKU, specifically the Enterprise Solutions (ERP) division.

Day to Day as a Business Development Manager (BDM)

Nico’s role is to develop new business. Most of his day is spent breaking into new accounts, developing relationships, and effectively passing out accounts that trust ALKU to Account Managers. The remainder is spent managing his Active Work Order, visiting clients, and helping his sales team to be as successful as possible.

To quote Nico, “Dream big or don’t sleep.” In the short term, his next step will be to manage the ERP Business Development Program. In the long term, he has his eyes set on Executive Leadership! Nico continues to be an example for those looking to be successful at ALKU. Interested in interning with ALKU? Take the first step towards success by applying for a spot in ALKU’s Internship Program.