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Sales Success: Stephanie Yousif

March 20, 2024


Stephanie Yousif’s intentions were clear from day one: success and nothing less. After interning at ALKU’s Amherst Training Center, she started full-time as Workday Financials’ first Recruiting hire. Fast-forward to today, her success can’t be stopped; she’s hit almost every major milestone an ALKU employee works towards.

Success & Nothing Less 

Towards the end of Stephanie’s internship, John Bull and Devon Sittler presented her with an exciting opportunity to join the startup division of Workday Financials. She embodies a true ALKU success story: trusting the process and always wanting more while consistently growing herself from good to great. She’s hit significant milestones, including multiple Founder’s Clubs, Intern Mentor, and a Senior promotion. With leadership support, specifically Haley Ante, Stephanie reached her latest goal of becoming a Recruiting Development Manager!

Shattering Challenges 

Stephanie’s success has come with its share of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles she faced was overcoming her anxiety and self-doubt. Despite her tendency towards shyness, Stephanie knew that stepping into a sales role was crucial for her personal and professional growth. Raised by immigrant parents who instilled in her that anything is possible if you put the work in, she embraced the challenge head-on. She has grown leaps and bounds from the nervous girl that felt so small to a confident and accomplished professional.

“I Love to Cheer My Girls On!” 

As she’s climbed the ranks at ALKU, Stephanie has made it a priority to support and empower the women around her. Leading by example, she’s demonstrated grace and motivation in her day to day as well as the importance of making others feel heard and valued. Stephanie actively cheers on the women around her publicly and privately. She celebrates their achievements and echoes their successes to leadership.

Many women at ALKU look up to Stephanie on their own paths to success. Take the first step in yours by applying to join the ALKrew!