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Samuel Huston Promoted to Oracle Cloud Sales Manager

July 19, 2022


Samuel Huston was a University of New Hampshire ALKU intern who started as a recruiter. He saw great success early on in his internship. After graduation, he became a full-time ALKU employee and seamlessly switched from being a recruiter to an Account Manager.  

Sam has displayed leadership qualities that ALKU seeks in individuals as early as day one. To name a few characteristics, Sam is consistent, hardworking, and determined. Those around him view him as a mentor because he continues to lead by example effortlessly daily and strengthen those around him. Sam is a humble leader that continues to pave the way for those on his team.  

In his new role, Sam will oversee the success and growth of the Oracle Cloud Division.  

Congratulations, Sam! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“SAMMY SMOOVE! Sammy Sends! SALES MANAGER SAMMY? That last one has a nice ring to it!!  I am so proud to announce this to the company officially. Sam is the prototype for a great career path at ALKU. He started as an intern at UNH; he had a lot of success early as a recruiter navigating conversations, building rapport, and using the word brother about 30 times in a conversation. He soon switched to AM before starting full-time in Andover to an ALKU original group Peoplesoft. The time had come to sunset that group and create a new division, ORACLE CLOUD. We needed someone we could trust to get this off the ground. Someone who would work tirelessly to make it successful. That person was SAM; from day one, he has been the most significant reason Oracle Cloud is successful. I couldn’t think of anyone better to take this division from a fiery start-up to a powerhouse in the ERP space. Congrats, BROTHER!!! Beers on, John Tom!!” -Craig Cowen 

“Sammy Sam, the leader so nice, I named him twice. Sam has been a model of consistency throughout his career at ALKU with his head down, earning his success each step of the way. The foundation of the New World Oracle and a top producer, Sam started bringing his head up more often, leading by example and strengthening those around him. The transformation from a head-down grinder to a vocal leader continuing to produce for his team day in and day out has been fun to watch. Sam brings a humble and collaborative approach that others would do well to mirror. As a sales team of future ALKU weapons, Sammy is just scratching the surface of what he can accomplish. Pumped about this one!! And even more excited to see what comes next for you. CONGRATS SAM!!!” -John Bull 

“Samuel!! Congratulations!! Classically, it feels like Sam already has this title. Sam has been a staple in the Oracle Cloud group since the beginning. When I started working with Sam, I knew there was more to the “shy” or “quiet” intern that Craig may have adopted…After Oracle and Kronos split, Sam led by example. Sam has grown into a confident and humble leader and laid the foundation for Oracle Cloud to skyrocket. Sam has become a role model for Account Managers at ALKU, a reliable counterpart, and I could not be more excited to officially call him Sales Manager Sammmmm! I can’t wait to see what you do next!” -Liz Barker