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Sarah Moxam Promoted to Office Operations Coordinator II

May 01, 2024


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Since starting her ALKU career in March 2022, Sarah has become an expert in her role. With her insight and dedication, she works independently and always thinks outside the box. Sarah brings new ideas and insights to the team and cares deeply about the employees in Herndon. As someone flexible and determined, she is very open to feedback from the Leadership team and her fellow employees. With her strong relationships with the people in her office and a strong customer service mindset, Sarah is a core member of the Office Operations team.

Her list of accolades goes on and on; from being CEO’s Choice in 2023, a Summer Intern Mentor, and a recipient of several Corporate Cups, her impact is spread across the entire company. Thanks to her passion for her craft and ability to adapt to whatever is thrown her way, she is responsible for creating, implementing, and owning the Office Operations Training. Sarah is the main point of contact for any and all requests from Herndon employees, constantly going above and beyond for snacks and catering, keeping the office tidy and organized, and maintaining a pulse on the vibe of the office. She is a light in her office, always improving and uplifting those around her with a smile on her face. Congratulations, Sarah!

“Sarah is the true embodiment of the concept of OWN IT. She has a great deal of responsibility as one of the only Corporate employees in Herndon, and she consistently handles it all with grace, precision, and attention to detail. Sarah is a star and the Herndon ‘Krew is so lucky to have this LEVEL 2 QUEEN!” – Facilities Planning Manager III, Emily Collins

“Sarah is the best! She puts 110% into absolutely everything that she does. From cutting up the fruit she buys for everyone, to painting the chipped walls in the office, to telling the absolute best-worst jokes of all time, there is no employee more willing to go above and beyond. Congratulations on an incredibly well-deserved promotion to LEVEL 2!!” – Senior Director, Payroll, Personnel Services & Benefits, Kayla Serard