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Scott Thompson Promoted to Sales Manager, Medical Device Technical Engineering & Validation

June 22, 2023


Scott began his ALKU career in January 2021 and has been exceptionally impactful since day one. He was displaying characteristics that he would not only be successful but he would be an incredible leader. He quickly gained knowledge and rose to the top of his hiring class and for the Medical Device brand.  

He continues to build incredible relationships that consistently produce activity for his team. His great attention to detail and meeting clients’ needs. This has allowed him to establish himself as the go-to individual for his clients. His team admires and looks up to him as a mentor. He has built great trust, and his employees truly feel heard and cared for by him.  

If you ask anyone that works with Scott, they would say that he has a great personality and is one of the funniest employees at ALKU. His demeanor and off-beat sense of humor have crafted a critical piece of the Medical Device Technical Engineering & Validation culture. He is loved by every member of his team.  

In his new role, he will oversee the Medical Device Technical Engineering & Validation team from a sales perspective and manage all interactions with existing and prospective clients. He will be responsible for growing his division to new heights in both revenue and employee development. 

Congratulations, Scott! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“If there is one thing that can’t be debated – it’s that Scott Thompson takes his job VERY seriously. Almost too seriously at times. If you’ve had the opportunity to work closely with him or ever have been in a meeting with him, you probably know what I mean. He is probably reading this and wondering where I am going with this, too. Scott has been able to collect nicknames RoboScott, Scoot, Scooter, and Onsite Scoot. He has many beloved catchphrases & words he is keen on using on and off the phones, too, like “Essentially..”, “In Essence..”, “Precisely..”, and “Furthermore..”. I guess what I’m saying is – Scott is a serious guy. Scott is serious about teaching & giving people the why – making people better and making sure they feel a deep understanding of what is needed to find success as an Account Manager. As serious as serious can be, Scott is serious about his team having fun – from playing hardcore music at his desk more than anyone would like him to never ceasing to find a way to insert dry humor or tell unsolicited stories about his time at the greatest state-run university in Lowell, MA (self-proclaimed). All kidding aside, Scott Thompson is one of those guys you can just trust – and you can trust deeply. He never turns it off. He is respected by his peers and by his team. He’s the kind of person who always seeks ways to be better in all facets of the (staffing) game, can intake criticism and use it to make himself better & it is clear that he cares about the success of the people he works with. I am so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, Scott. You’re a pleasure to manage. I continue to be amazed by your dedication and passion for growing in each role you’ve taken on – and I cannot wait to see how you run with your new role as the Med TE&V Sales Manager. So proud of you, bud – Congratulations, buddy. Love, Dad.” – Senior Sales Manager, Medical Device, Zach Canto 

“Scotty Karate! He’s meant to be here; he always has been. From the very day Scott started, I knew he was destined to be a leader at ALKU. He had a natural ability to staff. He learned the job quickly and easily and naturally connected with people both internally and externally. He took the mentality that hard work yields results to heart. But he always wanted more. He constantly sought out ways to be better. His people look up to him. They aspire to be like him. He leads by example and always has the right advice. He celebrates the small wins and big ones alike. He has a cool, calm, collected demeanor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Scott show his stress or emotions in a negative manner. He comes into work each day with a smile on his face looking to make his people better. One of the most valuable yet slept-on character traits about Scott is his reliability. I never have to worry if he has the group’s best interest in mind. Med TE&V couldn’t be in better hands with a sales leader. Scott is far from done. I look forward to having a front-row seat to the rest of his development and his career here. I’m proud of you, Scott, Congratulations my friend.” –  Sales Director, Medical Device, Bob Cordaro 

“SCOOT!!! The day has ESSENTIALLY come when we can call you a manager!!! I remember the day Zach & I interviewed you, and we both knew we were going to do whatever it took to get you on our team. Clearly, that was a good decision. You are the definition of a “covid success story”. Starting this job fully remote was a challenge in itself, yet you made it look easy. There are many things I could applaud you on in this post, but to pick one, let’s talk about how much you care about your people. I mean, you can’t even get a haircut without bringing them at this point. Some may say you love your people and job even more than living above TD Garden. In all seriousness, though, I am so incredibly proud of what you have accomplished so far. This promotion is well deserved and only the beginning. Congrats, manager.”- Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Lauren Morse