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Shannon Dewar Promoted to Collections Manager, HCIT/DISS and Business Applications

May 08, 2023


When Shannon started her ALKU career, she worked with the ERP groups, spanning Business Applications and Enterprise. To say she was loved was an understatement. Shannon had over 30 percentages that were so low that they often had to be canceled aging reviews or met very briefly as everything was already under control. She had proven herself so much that Shannon was asked to make a significant change when a management role was open on the HCIT/DISS side. In true Shannon fashion, she did not hesitate. Shannon began collecting for Cerner/Cerner Federal groups and leading new brands all over again. Every day, she was in the office working hard and diving into a new world while interacting with groups she had not previously worked with. She remained communicative and helpful. 

Shannon defines what it means to be a problem solver and an incredible leader. She has grit and determination when digging into client payment issues and still keeps a calm demeanor and a positive attitude throughout tough times. She constantly has the company’s best interest in mind when attacking problems and pushing everyone around her to be the best. She can see the big picture and what role she can play in it.  

Shannon keeps her team connected and sticks it out until the money comes through the door. She will learn the ins and outs of any system, client protocol, and portal from start to finish to ensure she does all she can to resolve an issue. When her team is in need, she has never hesitated to be a huge help, jump in wherever she can, and pivot to any changes that need to be made for the team or the company.  

Outside her role, Shannon constantly volunteers and participates in College Relationship Development (CRD) events. She always uses humor to lessen any stressful situation with clients. She is competitive in the best way possible and often with herself.  

In her new role, Shannon will continue collecting for the Cerner and Cerner Federal groups but will also be handling escalations from the DISS and Business Applications collectors. She will lend her expertise in training new hires and mentoring others on the team. She will continue to assist in reconciliations that will allow our clients to pay us timely under these specified brands and will work closely with both Revenue and Corporate counterparts to mitigate any risk that past due invoices might be causing.  

Congratulations, Shannon! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“SHANNON! I could not be more thrilled for you! You are such a go-getter and one of the most determined people I have ever met! You are not only detail-oriented but driven and resilient. I could not be more impressed with you every single day. It was no surprise that you would end up in management and that I would be writing this up for you one day. Since day one, you have always thought big picture. You didn’t even have to ask what more you could do to help the team. You just did it. You saw numbers that were not even under your own collections brands and wanted to know what could be done to help. You are a decision-maker who comes with resolutions. Your thoughts are on the company and the team. Moving you from one brand to another was only easy because you had the skill set to make an impact and the determination to do it well. You didn’t even hesitate. You never attack an issue at the surface level and instill that same motivation in every person who has interacted with or reported to you. You would learn every facet of a client’s system to make sure you knew EXACTLY where a problem popped up so you could fix it. You have a quiet confidence and a sense of humor, making you well-rounded and easy to approach. People love you for a reason. Thank you for being such an incredible addition to the team because your impact is very apparent. I cannot wait to watch you continue to foster the same level of care and passion that you have in your work in your people! This job is not easy, yet you remain positive and diligent even in the toughest times. You are already an amazing leader, and the title is just solidifying it! CONGRATS! I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY PROUD OF YOU!” – Senior Manager Accounts Receivable, Colleen Martin 

“Shannon is a true force to be reckoned with. Since I first started working with her and up until this point, one thing that has remained constant with Shannon is her dependability. She’s willing to take on any task with ease. She walks into any room with the biggest smile. The energy Shannon brings and the attitude she has day in and day out elevates those around her.  Shannon leads with kindness and compassion, but she knows when to have difficult conversations and push clients and Account Managers to get the answers we need. She never asks things of people that she isn’t willing to do herself.  

Shannon will never come to you with a problem without any sort of solution – she’s the first one to gameplan, offers assistance, and get creative with account managers to come to a resolution that makes sense. I know for a fact that ERP has been immensely grateful for all Shannon has done for us over the years. We are lucky to have her role expanded to allow other divisions to benefit from working closely with her! She not only presents herself as constant and consistent, but she has also become a role model at ALKU that’s always present – there’s never been a meeting she’s run or conversation we’ve had where Shannon hasn’t been 100% present and prepared to take on whatever the day throws at her.  

Thank you, Shannon, for all you do and all you will continue to do for ALKU. This promo is only the beginning for you.” -Sales Manager SAP, Cora Harvey 

“SHAN! Biggest congrats on your incredibly well-deserved promotion! I think a lot of people would agree that from the day you started, we were all in awe. You are one seriously hard worker and, clearly, someone who truly cares not only about the work she’s producing (which, spoiler alert, is top tier) but cares about the success of her team and the people around her. Shannon spent the better part of her time here at ALKU working with Business Applications and ERP clients, but when a need arose in HCIT, Shannon didn’t hesitate about taking on the new opportunity and jumped right in. She took the time to understand her new world, the new teams she’d be working directly with, and a whole entirely new client base, all this on top of training new hires to take over her previous client base. For anyone who knows anything about AR you know it’s not easy to build rapport and connections with people and clients when you’re asking them for money, but Shannon makes this not only look easy but does it all while taking on additional responsibilities wherever that need may arise- leading team meetings, teaching those around her, coming up with creative and strategic solutions and she does it all with ease. Shannon truly takes the time to understand every aspect of ALKU’s business, which has resulted in her success. Shannon, I am so incredibly excited for you, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!” – Client Services Manager, Hannah Marsh