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Sidora Van Etten Promoted to Medical Device TE Recruiting Manager

May 10, 2022


Sidora started at ALKU as an intern in March of 2019 at the Durham Training Center. She was then drafted as the very first Medical Device TE employee. After supporting the team for seven months as an intern, she went full-time in May of 2020. She quickly became an instrumental part of the team and has greatly contributed to the success of the Medical Device TE division. Sidora is the definition of “leads by example” and “consistency”. She is constantly challenging those around her and always putting not only her employees but the entire group in front of herself. Sidora is a natural born leader whose impact within the Medical Device TE division is beyond comparable.

Since day one, she has never once passed up an opportunity to get involved within ALKU and has been an active member of the Personnel Engagement Committee, Tech Ambassador Program, AWE, and has mentored countless interns. She is accountable, driven, and never settles for anything less than excellence. You can find Sidora taking employees outside of her own division to lunch, providing advice and guidance to those around her, and seeking ways to continue building relationships not only within Medical Device but through ALKU.

In her new role, Sidora will be responsible for the growth and development of the Medical Device TE recruiting team. She will help Medical Device TE reach new milestones and continue to grow. She will continue to work alongside the Medical Device Management team to expand the brand and contribute to the progression of success for all divisions in Medical Device.

Congratulations, Sidora! We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish in this new role!

“Sidora!!! I could not be happier to be writing this promotion announcement. Watching you grow from an intern into the fearless leader you are today has truly been one of my favorite parts about my time at ALKU. From the day you started I knew you were destined for greatness. I can actually recall sitting in a strategy meeting after your first month saying, “Sidora will be a manager one day, mark my words”. For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to truly get to know Sidora, she is one of the most levelheaded, poised, and selfless leaders I have ever met. She has this ability to bring those around her up, even if she doesn’t realize she is doing it. While at first glance you make think Sidora is sweet, stylish, and cool I am here to tell you she has a fiery personality and a passion for her job that everyone should admire. And yes, Sid you are also still sweet, stylish & cool. She joined a start-up division…during a global pandemic…working from her bedroom…and never once complained or took her eyes off the prize. This promotion is more than deserved and I cannot wait to see all the great things you will accomplish. You show up every single day with a smile on your face and bring up the spirits of those around you. Thank you for making my days brighter and my job easier. Congratulations- no one better to take my job.” -Lauren Morse

“Sidora Van Etten is someone you dream about having join your team when you’re developing a startup. We were lucky enough to have her join our team as the first drafted intern to Medical Device TE. Since she’s been a part of the team, there has been one thing for certain – That she was going to be absolutely, undoubtedly, totally off the charts good at her job. Sidora has exceeded our expectations as a Recruiter and then some, quickly becoming the go-to recruiter for closing a deal, finding a candidate at the buzzer beater – or being a good sport when delivering bad news, which happens in a new division. She never doubted the process, always spoke up to make herself better and she has blindly followed our recommendations from miniscule tweaks to major milestone teaching moments. She’s an incredible listener, teacher, and player/coach. Which is why she has been able to mentor and get up-to-speed some of best and most promising new talent within the Medical Device TE division. Not only has she maintained being a staple recruiter for the group, but she has also grown into an outstanding leader. No doubt, she has every ounce of respect that her peers have to offer her. She has significantly raised the bar for what it means to deserve a roadmap and how to perfectly execute one. My favorite thing about Sidora Van Etten though, is her humble approach to being the vibrant cheerleader/biggest fan to the people who are learning from her. She takes credit for nothing – and continues to move on to the next task immediately following an accomplishment that would require a break/rest for others. I couldn’t be prouder of her and it’s an honor to work alongside her. Congratulations, Manager Sid!” – Zach Canto

“Sidora is such a special employee. She has it all. She’s well spoken, self- accomplishment, poised, driven, and organized. On top of it all…. she’s loved. Anyone who knows Sid, knows her intentions are pure. When you have an employee like her, you do everything you can to make sure she leads others. I would take 10 more Sidoras if I could and knowing her, she’ll find a way to replicate herself and do just that. Sidora, big things coming for you, this is just a steppingstone for a long career. You bring me such a sense of peace, knowing I have you in my corner. We’ve watched you grow and bloom into not just an impressive manager, but an impressive woman. You are going to be a role model for so many new female employees to come. I think the biggest thing we have in common is Lauren being one of our favorite people- so let’s both keep making her proud. I know she already is of you, as am I. Congratulations Sid on TE RECRUITING MANAGER!!!” – Patt Blanchard