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Skyler Smith Promoted to Senior Recruiting Manager, Pharmaceutical

March 06, 2023


Skyler started her ALKU career in June 2017 and has been an essential member of ALKU since day one.  

Throughout her career, Skyler has reached personal goals and assisted in getting Pharmaceutical Analytical, Research & Development to successful group achievements. Additionally, she has developed a future leader in Pharmaceutical Analytical, Research & Development who is now pursuing management. She has also taken over managing all of Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific since October 2022. Skyler is a consistent leader in the Pharmaceutical group.  

Skyler holds herself and her team to high standards but knows when to keep things light and Have Fun Working Hard®. She is incredibly organized and has developed a culture getting Pharmaceutical Analytical, Research & Development that is second to none.   

In her new role, she will continue to develop the next Recruiting Manager and oversee Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific. In addition, she will help with the overall strategy between the Pharmaceutical pillars and help to bring the group to new heights.  

Congratulations, Skyler! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

Skyler! Congratulations on such a well-deserved promotion! When I think of Skyler, some characteristics that come to mind are determination, hardworking, and consistency. Since she started, she has consistently performed at a high level and has never taken her foot off the gas pedal, so it’s not a shocker that her team has followed in her footsteps. At the time of her starting AR&D, she was one of the most successful Recruiters in Pharma. She said yes without hesitation when asked to leap to spearhead a startup. This was a huge sacrifice for her, but with anything Skyler does, she took the responsibility head-on and has now helped grow a once start-up to one of the most successful groups in the Pharma brand. What I am most impressed about with Skyler is how well she has handled the transition with RS. She has taken this opportunity and truly ran with it. She is reliable and passionate and demands excellence from her employees and herself. I am so excited to watch Pharma RS and Pharma AR&D achieve great success, and I know this is only the beginning of an impressive Senior Leadership path for her. Congrats, Skyler! You can finally buy that new winter coat you have been wanting! – Nathan Hoffman  

Writing this promotion announcement makes me really, really proud and extremely excited for the future of the Pharma brand. Skyler Smith has demanded excellence from herself and those around her since her UMass TC Intern days, and she has been successful in every single role she has held throughout her career here. From holding multiple Recruiting records as an individual contributor to building AR&D as one of the fastest-growing startups the company has ever seen, developing multiple Recruiters and more, and continuing to develop successful leaders and road mappers – she has quite an impressive resume. She is one of the most accountable managers at ALKU, and I’ve always admired her ability to hold her people and herself accountable for every aspect of the job. She is respected by all, and her people hold a lot of trust in her because she makes smart and well-communicated decisions for the team. I’ve always known Skyler would do great things at this company, and the scary part is that she still hasn’t scratched the surface of her potential here. It’s been a fun & rewarding six years working with you – and I can’t wait to keep having more fun and laughs for years to come! I am so excited for you and know how hard you have worked toward this promotion. This one is well earned, and you have done everything that has been asked of you and a whole lot more to deserve this. You’re the GOAT, Sky! I can’t wait to celebrate you and all your success this week! -Tyler Boyle  

There are two things that have really stuck out above the rest in the last six months that Sky and I have been working together. Neither of these two is that she is an incredible Recruiter and so easy to work with, alongside, and for, but they could have made the list. The two things that have stood out above the rest are accountability and empathy. Specifically, how she has built a team around them. Sky so naturally creates great, supportive relationships with her people. They know that she has their back. They can see it in how she leads by example and how much she cares while simultaneously promoting a culture of accountability, where everyone constantly pushes themselves to improve to reach their goals. Building a culture like this is not something everyone can do, especially not as efficiently and quickly as Sky has done with her Recruiting teams.  

So excited and happy for you, Sky! Congrats, and I can’t wait to see what you do across Pharma, and ALKU, as a Senior Manager!” – Charlie Nevejans