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State of Mind Spotlight: Alyssa Rocco

May 07, 2024


ALKU’s State of Mind (SOM) ERG opens the conversation around mental health and wellness in hopes of fostering supportive connections and eliminating any potential stigma in the workplace. Three individuals have added State of Mind Leader to their ALKU resume, and one of them is Digital Marketing Specialist, Alyssa Rocco!

Dismantling Stigmas 

Alyssa is incredibly passionate about mental health and dismantling the stigma associated with it, so much so that when the opportunity to be a State of Mind (SOM) Leader presented itself, it influenced her to apply. The stigma of mental health being linked to weakness or lack of willpower has gone on for far too long. With Alyssa and her loved ones having personally faced mental health challenges, she’s committed to letting others know they’re not alone. She emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental well-being on the same level as your physical health.

Future Collaborations

One of Alyssa’s goals for SOM is to collaborate with other ERGs. She is determined to shed light on topics not commonly associated with mental health. Personally, Alyssa struggled before discovering that she was neurodivergent, and many of those difficulties were symptomatic of undiagnosed ADHD. The diagnosis supplied her with tools and tactics to manage these struggles. Most importantly, it allowed Alyssa to be kind to herself and foster a greater sense of self-assurance.

For Future Members 

For individuals interested in joining SOM, mental health looks different to everyone. Listening to others’ stories in meetings can help you realize that you’re not alone. Alyssa states, “Whether your goal is to learn more about yourself, find coping mechanisms, expand your awareness and understanding, or simply find solace in a supportive community, State of Mind is here for you.”

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