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State of Mind Spotlight: Jhoom Jain

June 04, 2024


ALKU’s State of Mind (SOM) ERG opens the conversation around mental health and wellness in hopes of fostering supportive connections and eliminating any potential stigma in the workplace. Three individuals have added State of Mind Leader to their ALKU resume, and one of them is Benefits Analyst, Jhoom Jain.

Embracing the Mission
Jhoom has always had a passion for spreading awareness around mental health, being an enthusiastic member of the group from the start. At the time, when she was a new member, Jhoom was blown away at one of the meetings by a guest speaker and the engagement of the ALKrew; it was a moment that stuck with her. When the opportunity arose to become a Leader of SOM, it was a no-brainer for her to apply. She couldn’t think of a better way to share her story and support others.

Supporting the ALKrew
With the transition from member to leader, Jhoom’s focus remains on supporting the SOM community. When asked about her plans to engage the ALKrew, Jhoom emphasized inclusivity and collaboration. SOM Leadership wants to hear the ideas of its members to ensure they’re highlighting topics that are most beneficial to their mental health journeys.

Future of SOM
Looking ahead to the remainder of 2024, Jhoom and her fellow leaders have set goals around growing SOM. “Our goal is to stay engaged with all members, whether they can attend all the meetings or not.” She emphasizes the importance of accessibility and ensuring that all members feel valued and included; this will mean offering resources addressed in the meeting and continuing the conversation after meetings. Additionally, they plan to collaborate with ALKU’s other ERGs to boost engagement across the board.

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