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State of Mind Spotlight: Julia Mungovan

August 09, 2022


We are incredibly excited to introduce our new State of Mind Leader, Benefits System Manager, Julia Mungovan! When looking for the next leaders of State of Mind, it was essential to find an individual that is empathetic, caring, and an expert at building relationships. Julia possesses all these qualities and more. She is also an excellent listener and can put anyone in a stellar mood. As a State of Mind leader, Julia will be responsible for welcoming new members, coordinating meetings, brainstorming topics, and helping with the overall engagement! Congratulations, Julia! 

What is your favorite mental health /positive influencer/celebrity?
The first person that comes to mind is Hailey Bieber. Hailey has been extremely open and transparent about her mental health challenges. She shares mental health resources and talks about how therapy has benefited her. Talking about it is just one step towards breaking the stigma, and as she shares her experiences, she lets others know they are not alone.   

What has motivated you to get involved in State of Mind/why?
Since its inception, I have been a member of State of Mind. This was a group that I did not even know I needed until I attended the first meeting. I was overwhelmed by the support of all the members and loved the sense of community it brought. My manager Danielle Ledoux is the founder of State of Mind, so I was lucky enough to be encouraged to attend these meetings early on. I have always believed in prioritizing my well-being in my personal life. As my role started to focus more on wellness initiatives within ALKU, I felt empowered to collaborate more with State of Mind. I have watched this group grow tremendously within the last year, and I was honored when I was asked to join the leadership team.   

What are you doing to ensure everyone feels included and safe while attending State of Mind?
First, I did want to mention that although State of Mind is a closed group, all employees of ALKU are welcome to join, and you do not have to be suffering from a mental illness to join. All new and current members of State of Mind are aware of our ‘safe space’ policy. This allows all our members to share during meetings regardless of the topic without feeling judged. We encourage our members to speak up during our meetings, but if they prefer to sit back and listen, that is ok too! State of Mind has developed a fantastic culture which incorporates inclusion and a safe space since it was created. All who are members of State of Mind can attest to its supportive environment where everyone can lean on each other when needed.

What is your favorite way to resolve stress and anxiety?
I am a big advocate of self-care and giving my mind and body time to recharge. When I experience high stress or anxiety, I do my best to listen to my body and do what it needs at that moment. Sometimes a walk to get fresh air is all I need; other times, I may need rest. I have recently been working on breathing techniques when I feel anxious, which has helped calm me down when I feel overwhelmed. 

State of Mind Bio:
To open the conversation around mental health and wellness in hopes of fostering supportive connection and eliminating any potential stigma in the workplace.