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State of Mind Spotlight: Renee Hall

May 11, 2022


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month, the ALKrew is spreading awareness and emphasizing the importance of mental health in partnership with State of Mind Employee Resource Group (ERG). This ERG opens the conversation around mental health and wellness in hopes of fostering supportive connection and eliminating any potential stigma in the workplace. Without further ado, we introduce our final spotlight: Talent Experience Coordinator II, Renee Hall! Renee is a member of the amazing State of Mind. Check out her answers below!

What do you hope the future of State of Mind will bring?
I hope the future of State of Mind will bring more awareness around the topic of mental health. Whether people are a member of the group or not, I think educating themselves around stress, anxiety, and depression and how it can have a massive impact on someone’s life is important to understand. I hope that State of Mind can be that resource and that outlet for employees of ALKU to express themselves and share their ideas. You never know what someone is going through and being able to have a group that supports each other in every aspect at work and in life is amazing. My hope is that every meeting is the best 60 minutes of their day or just makes their day a little bit brighter.

What was the thought behind State of Mind?
I was not a part of the initial thought behind State of Mind; however, I do know that Danielle and Kayla worked hard to bring it to life. There was never any talk around mental health in the office prior to the start of this group. Eventually, ALKU began to see the importance of having a group such as this one. Several employees do experience symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. This group was formed so that we could come together to discuss and support one another around these kinds of topics. We want our employees to know that they are heard, and they are supported.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month?
My favorite way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month is to simply do something for myself. Every day, we constantly put a focus on others and getting things done for other people. We rarely ever take the time out of our day to do something that makes us happy. I will be taking some much-needed PTO time to spend with friends, family, and my kitty Ivy. I highly encourage everyone to do the same during the month of May!

What is your favorite wellness activity?
My favorite wellness activity would have to be simply going to the gym or working out. I am a huge advocate for moving your body every single day. This does not have to be something as extreme as the “gym” per say. It could simply be getting outside, taking your pup for a walk, lifting some weights, or even yoga! It is so important when it comes to mental health and general wellness! Especially as the warmer months creep up on us, getting some fresh air can be amazing for stress. Another activity I highly recommend is meditating. Popping on that Calm app or a YouTube video every morning. This may seem awkward at first, but I recommend everyone try it out for a week or so and see the amazing results you feel!

Thank you, Renee for taking the time to answer some questions and showing the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month!