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Stephanie Heyner Promoted to Senior Manager, Leadership Development

February 07, 2023


Steph was ALKU’s first Epic Recruiting Manager and first Leadership Development Manager. She has dramatically impacted ALKU across all pillars and is valued by all as she is approachable and supportive. She promotes process, consistency, and fun daily. She is extremely valuable and an asset to the entire company. Steph is an incredible leader and will continue developing influential leaders.    

Throughout her career, she has accomplished big goals. For example, she has revamped management trainings and oversees all of ALKU’s Leadership development and interview training.    

In her new role, Steph will be dedicated to the management training needs within ALKU. In addition, the role will involve extensive mentoring and tutoring to management individuals in both a classroom and on the floor setting. Steph will work in partnership with the Director of Leadership Development and Senior Leadership to carry out the success of the leadership program. This role will be crucial for the growth and development of ALKU’s Leadership team.   

Congratulations Steph! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Steph! You took a leap of faith in joining Talent. Jumped into a role that was not yet fully defined and built something special. It’s promotions like this one that make you think, “well yeah, of course,” or “I already thought she was.” You have helped create the foundation for something that will not only manifest quick wins for future leaders but will be essential to the leadership standard at ALKU in the time ahead. Working with you over the last few years has been a pleasure, and I know the people you have helped grow as leaders are better off because of your influence. You have revamped our approach to internal interviewing, expanded our Roadmap trainings across all pillars, and now work alongside future leaders to help mold their leadership brands. We are just scratching the surface with the LDM program, but it has already proven to be a wildly successful initiative. I couldn’t be happier to celebrate today with you. Congrats on your promotion!” -Dennis Kapsimalis   

“Steph was the first intern I ever mentored, so it’s safe to say “we go way back.” Aside from easily being one of the funniest people in the office, she is also one of the most caring and passionate leaders. Steph has the skill of inspiring and motivating everyone she has ever managed or worked with. I’ve always trusted her in every situation as a leader because of her decision-making and ability to solve any problem that comes her way. Steph has accomplished a ton at ALKU- from being the top Recruiter in SAP to starting Epic and developing the group into what it is today, and then to the Talent pillar, where she has helped develop dozens of Roadmap individuals into leaders. The future of ALKU Leadership is in great hands! I couldn’t be more excited about your promotion Steph, and I am even more excited to see what you accomplish in the future! Thank you for always being such a great leader for employees to follow!” -Dave Tuell   

“STEPHANIE! I am so happy for you. This is a deserving promotion! It’s crazy to think we had worked with each other for almost ten years, going back to when you were just an SAP intern doing MOATS to eventually being the GO-TO recruiter a few years later. This obviously led you to earn the opportunity to start Epic from the ground up and create a strong culture that still lasts six years later! Over the past few years, all the divisions at ALKU have gotten to feel your impact by developing many new leaders into Rockstar managers! Please keep being one of the funniest and most genuine people at ALKU, and this will only be a stepping stone to bigger things!” -Dan Alberico