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Stephanie Yousif Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

January 16, 2024


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Stephanie is the definition of getting the job done. She is the embodiment of a true ALKU success story: trusting the process and always wanting more while consistently growing herself from good to great. After interning, Stephanie started her full-time ALKU career as a Workday Financials Recruiter in October 2018. A true ALKU rock star, she has hit almost every major milestone an ALKU employee works towards; she’s a part of ALKU’s 100K Club, made Founder’s Club, served as an Intern Mentor due to her success, and is consistently leading in front-end metrics and spread. From hitting her own goals to exceeding others’ expectations, she goes above and beyond when surprising those around her.

Outside of her role, Stephanie’s impact continues to spread throughout the company. Both an active member of ALKU’s AWE and State of Mind Employee Resource Groups, she is always willing to participate in meetings and offer her insight while supporting her coworkers. She is also her team’s represented Tech Ambassador, collaborating with Corporate teams and keeping her coworkers up-to-date, organized, and efficient. When she’s not dialing on the phone, you can find Stephanie hyping up her team for their wins and being the greatest support system anyone could ever ask for. In her new role, Stephanie will continue to work with Workday Financials and help recruit for other Enterprise Solution groups. Congratulations, Stephanie! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“STEPHANIE YOUSIF!!!!!! Well-deserved and proud is a TRUE understatement here. You did it, GIRLIE POP! Congratulations on officially becoming a Recruiting Development Manager! You have been a true force to be reckoned with ever since you walked in the training center doors at UMass Amherst. From starting as an Intern when Workday Financials was a start-up, achieving spread high after spread high, making Founder’s Club multiple times, being the Workday Quarterly GOAT 4+ times, and hitting goal after goal, you can truly do anything you put your mind to. Workday Financials would not be where it is today without your hard work, dedication, positivity, and consistency. You are amazing, Steph, and I cannot wait to see where this year takes you! Never change; you are something special.

Today, you are allowed to give everyone a hug!!!!!! Even Dev and Jim! 😉” – Recruiting Manager, Workday Financials, Haley Ante

“Over three years ago, when Workday had recently split, I got word that Steph would be filling a spot on the Workday Financials team instead of in HCM. While I knew how deserving she was, I was selfishly devastated to lose her at the time, as it was evident from the start that she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of placements later, Steph made it clear that she was not only here to grind but also wanted to continue to set the tone for Recruiters across the company. However, outside of her stats that speak for themselves, they are not the most impressive thing about Steph. She constantly brings new ideas to the table, whether big or small. She is an expert in understanding the market and is even better at using her finesse to get the elite to work for her exclusively. Steph has built an incredible book of business, and it only makes sense for her to begin to expand it outside of the Workday Financials market. I cannot wait to see where else she takes this role, and with that… CONGRATULATIONS, MISS RDM!!!!!!!!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Workday, Emma White

“Stephanie!!! Steph’s intentions have been clear from day one: success and nothing less. She came into her full-time career as the first recruiting hire for the newly established Workday Financials. Since joining, her impact on the rise and foundation of Workday Financials cannot be understated. Steph has become one of the best Recruiters in the company for a few reasons. She’s relentlessly determined, constantly curious, and committed to elevating herself and those around her. Steph takes immense pride in her work and the relationships she’s cultivated, and it’s shown over the years in the forms of spread highs and promotions. 2023 was a monster year for her. I’ve been so impressed over the years with Steph’s ability to focus on herself but also understand the bigger picture of being a great teammate, a creative thought leader, and a supportive friend. Congratulations, Steph, on your well-deserved promotion to RDM!!!! I can’t wait to see you bring the RDM role to new heights. Hugs all around!!!” – Recruiting Director, Enterprise Solutions, John Bull