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Stephanie Yousif Promoted to Senior Workday Financials Recruiter

November 15, 2022


Stephanie started as a Recruiting Intern in October 2018 at Amherst. She started her full-time ALKU career in June 2020 as a Workday Financials Recruiter.  She was her team’s first Recruiting Hire and has been an instrumental piece of the Workday Financials team since day one! Stephanie continues to bring positive energy and determination while leading by example daily.  

Stephanie continuously steps up when needed to assist the group while supporting and focusing on growing her desk and herself. She leads daily morning meetings and ERP Brand Recruiter meetings. She teaches newer Recruiters her tricks of the trade, owns the leads rotation process, and leads by example regarding deals and send-outs. Steph has been a genuine part of the division’s overall growth.  

Stephanie has accomplished countless achievements over the years. She has made Founder’s Club, been an Intern Mentor, and received Quarterly Goat in Workday Financials! She continues to lead from the front with stellar consultant relationships, great recruiting techniques, accountability and putting up consistent metrics. Her team continues to view her as a role model. 

Outside her day-to-day role, Stephanie is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups, Unity, ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), and is a Tech Ambassador. 

In her new role, Stephanie will continue to be a driver on the Workday Financials Recruiting team and help grow the group to the next level. She will continue to lead recruiters on the team while focusing on developing herself and her desk.   

Congratulations Stephanie! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in your new role!    

“SENIOR STEPHANIE YOUSIF! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you have truly done it! I am so proud of everything you have accomplished up until now, and I know this is only the beginning of what is next for you! Since I started working with you in July 2021, you have grown as a recruiter and a true role model in Workday Financials. You are more than deserving of this Senior promotion in every way possible. You have been a detrimental part of growing the Workday Financials division since you were an Intern and the division was fully in start-up mode (now look at us)! From winning the Quarterly GOAT multiple times, making Founders Club, being a consistent member of Unity and AWE, as well as being a Tech ambassador, you have shown you can do it all. Day in and day out, you continue to lead by example while embodying the competitive, Have Fun Working Hard® culture. Without you and your hard work, Workday Financials would not be where it is today. CONGRATS AGAIN, GIRL! NOW ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE!” – Haley Ante  

“Stephanie Yousif –> SENIOR STEPHANIE YOUSIF! Congrats, Steph – so well deserved! I feel like yesterday I was on Zoom calls with you at UMass, talking about getting started Full-Time at ALKU. Since day one, you have always brought contagious positive energy and determination to succeed to the table every day. I remember going through goal sheets with you when you first started, and your eyes lit up at the idea of being a high producer at ALKU. I remember you saying; I want to be rich; I hope to one day be a household name at ALKU as a hardworking top-notch recruiter. And LOOK AT YOU NOW. Well, Steph, you must’ve had a crystal ball because you have accomplished everything you told me you would do! I am so proud of how far you have come over the past few years; you have been and will continue to be an asset to the Workday Financials team. Workday Financials is where we are today because of YOU! I know you aren’t done yet, and we are excited to continue to watch you smash your goals! Congrats again, Steph!” – Devon Sittler  

“Steph has been such an instrumental piece of the Workday Financials team since day one; our first drafted intern, our first recruiting hire, the first recruiter to make Founders club, and now our first Senior employee! As a recruiter, Steph has paved the way for what success looks like in the Workday Financials group, embodying and contributing to the culture and taking immense pride in her work. Steph never forgets or fails to celebrate the little things; she’s the first to tell you about her new referral DBA that WILL be on her AWO in the future, a lead she got that will be the next big account for the group, or hype up a team member who went the extra mile. The little things are great, but she’s also thinking about the big things. She’s always letting the ERP new hires know when she’s on a call so they can shadow an expert. Congratulations, Stephanie, on your well-earned promotion to Senior Workday Financials Recruiter!” -John Bull