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Steve Dowling Promoted to Senior Manager, Oracle and Infor

February 08, 2024


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Steve is the definition of an ALKU all-star. Starting his ALKU career in August 2015, he has grown immensely within every single role he has taken on. With his dedication and willingness to continually improve, Steve may be the only person in ALKU history to achieve impressive amounts of spread in two divisions, manage a growing and successful team, and have been a crucial part of two ALKU revenue start-ups. As the co-founder of ALKU’s Infor start-up, he leads the fastest-growing group in ALKU history, directly resulting from his ability to form relationships wherever he goes and keep his team on their toes. He is dependable, dedicated, and consistently willing to go above and beyond for those around him.

Steve is someone who always accepts a challenge, no matter how big or small; he never hesitates to jump at a new opportunity and make the best out of it for himself and the growth of the company. Thanks to his natural ability to lead others while supporting them through all situations, he has helped develop multiple Account Managers and ALKU leaders during his career. Outside of his role, Steve is an active member of ALKU’s RISE Employee Resource Group. He is also a member of the ALKU Golf Committee, where he helps to run and participates in ALKU’s annual Rodman Ride Golf Tournament, raising money for Mass Mentoring Partnership. Congratulations, Steve! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“STEVE DOWLING, Senior Manager. Steve has been waiting too long for those words to be said. In today’s world, we hear too many people saying, “When will it be my turn?” or “How come they got promoted and I haven’t yet?” They should be saying, “WHAT DO YOU NEED ME TO DO AND ACCOMPLISH?” Steve did just that. He never asked for a promotion. To this very day, he has never said, “Hey, am I done yet?” – he wouldn’t be wrong in asking for it like that. When you look at everything Steve has accomplished over his 8-year career or even more so what he’s done in the past 18 months… He would be right. But that is not who Steve is. Instead, he shrugs and says If it’s meant to be, it will be. He keeps everyone around him happy and motivated. He cares about other people’s success, truly – and he is a wicked good golfer. He is also a good friend, and I am so happy to finally (sometimes people write this in a quote, but this time Steve wins again), FINALLLLLY say… Steve Dowling has been promoted to Senior Manager!!! Now let’s get to J Brian’s for some keno and Beers on Vignone!” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen

“Steve has always been the ultimate ‘glue guy’ of ERP since the day we pulled him off the golf course to work here. For those not familiar with the term, it’s a person on the team who checks their ego, is selfless, sets the culture, and doesn’t care how many points they score as long as their team wins. Steve’s a part of a very exclusive group at ALKU of salespeople that have reached high milestones in not one but TWO separate divisions. Steve has built some of the strongest relationships across all the pillars at ALKU and would go out of his way to help anyone. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice and walked away from a $300K group to create something of his own. Not only did he accomplish that, but he also blew away any expectations, ended up with the best first year of a start-up in ALKU history with Infor, and wrote one of the best leadership stories ever. Steve is someone so many people look up to and respect. He has accomplished so much over his time at ALKU and does it all without the slightest bit of entitlement (they didn’t teach that class at Franklin High)! The larger Steve’s world grows, the better off we are as a company. I am thrilled to see the future of Oracle and Infor with Steve involved. Please join me in giving it up for the Reen!!! Congrats on becoming the Senior Manager of Oracle and Infor Sales!!!!” – Vice President, ERP, Nick Vignone

“Steve ‘I’m going to punch you in the face’ Dowling!!!!!! Where is my helmet?! If you’re reading this, then by now, you know you are promoted to SENIOR SALES MANAGER!!!!! I don’t know if there has ever been a more ‘I thought he already was…?’ moment. Steve is the type of person who will work harder than you and ask for less in return – he is just a good guy. And I’ll admit, he is annoyingly talented at sales. Stepping away from running a successful sales team to start from scratch at the desk level sounds like a wild move, but of course, Steve executed this in a way that makes it look seamless. Steve, I have always admired how you approach situations with poise and tenacity. Always looking in the mirror first, you excel at creating a culture of accountability and fun. Thank you, Steve, for always laughing at my jokes and, more importantly, for setting the standard for what it means to care about your career. I cannot wait to see you continue to develop your sales leaders and take more market share!! You should be very proud of what you’re building. I have no idea what Blue Man Group was thinking when they let you go, but I am so happy it brought you to ALKU! Congratulations, bestie!! Crack’d on Kyra!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Oracle Cloud & Infor, Liz Barker