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Steven Scott Promoted to Senior Recruiter, Medical Device EVS

September 18, 2023


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Steve is an all-star Recruiter of ALKU’s Life Sciences brand, leading by example in every aspect of his role. He has led from the front in metrics, send-outs, and deals, continuing to push himself and always bringing ways he wants to improve and grow to his team. As someone who constantly wants to learn, Steve has always been motivated by the ‘why’ behind everything we have taught him; he never hesitates to ask questions and brainstorm ways to improve ALKU’s current processes. He has done an exceptional job maintaining his consistently growing AWO while also keeping a positive attitude and outlook when a not-so-favorable situation arises. One of our most innovative employees, his sales knowledge is advanced beyond his years; he truly understands the best ways to approach most problems, game planning with his Account Managers to ensure the best outcome for each situation. Steve takes it upon himself to push activity for his Sales side of the desk when things start looking slow, constantly producing leads for them to chase, resulting in more business for the group. Ask any member of his team, and you will get the same answer: Medical Device EVS would not be what it is without Steve.

Steve started his ALKU career in July 2021 as a desk-level Recruiter with no internship experience and determination like no other. He came into his role with confidence and eagerness; he got on the phones from day one and made it evident he would not let anyone stand in his way of becoming a force to reckon with. It took Steve over three months to close out his first deal, and while some may let that discourage them, Steve was nothing but positive and dedicated. He was able to get his first win by grinding day in and day out, staying late, and doing everything he could to exceed his metrics to feed his Sales funnel, seeing the success come through in deals. There was no slowing him down once Steve got his first victory in the books. In 2022, he added an impressive amount in spread and led the company in producing leads to assist in pushing our activity on the Sales side. So far this year, Steve is continuing his impact and has set a goal to double last year’s number.

A true leader to his core, Steve is a monumental part of the Medical Device culture, always coming up with ways to keep his team’s day exciting and refreshing. Through his creativity and desire to motivate others, he has created multiple contest initiatives for his brand, including the group’s tradition, ALKU’s Triple Double Contest. Steve’s ability to rally and inspire his group has been an excellent way to keep the team pushing one another with friendly competition and cheering one another on through their victories. Steve’s fearless impact extends beyond his direct role and into ALKU’s DE&I efforts. In 2022, he started ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, Jewish Employee Group (JEG), with the help of his sponsor, Senior Recruiting Director, ERP, Micaela Damiano. JEG is for Jewish employees at ALKU to feel welcome and know that anyone, regardless of their background, is part of the ALKU community, with the objectives of creating a safe space to talk about life as a Jew in the world today and sharing Jewish culture inside and outside of the office.

In his new role, Steve will continue to be responsible for growing his spread and leading by example. His expertise will be crucial in training new Recruiters on his team, helping to answer situational questions, having them shadow his calls, and teaching them different ways to strategize tricky situations. Steve will be holding himself accountable for driving business by utilizing his strengths to further our reach on Medical Device clients. Congratulations, Steve! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“There is no one I would be more excited to congratulate and promote as our first-ever Senior Recruiter of the Med EVS world. I thank my lucky stars every day to have you as someone on our squad. I couldn’t ask for a better person to point to as an example for an all-star Recruiter. With everything you have accomplished over the past two years, it’s no surprise to anyone that you are in the spot you are in. You are a natural-born staffer; thank you for just getting it. Your work ethic and Recruiting brains are unmatched, always pushing everyone on our team to improve. You are always taking it upon yourself to push activity for the Sales side of the desk when things start looking slow, constantly producing leads for our Account Managers to chase, resulting in more business for the group. From being my right-hand man to my go-to guy, whether it be a candidate to fill an open time or just a laugh to get the vibes up, I know I can count on you. EVS would not be EVS without Steve! I am so excited to see where this promotion leads you in your future success!!!” – Recruiting Manager, Medical Device EVS, Sidora Van Etten

“STEVE!!!! Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!! ‘Senior Steve’ has such a great ring to it. You have accomplished so much in the past two years, and I could not be more proud of you. You have been SUCH a driving force in Med TEV and have continued to be such with the creation of Med EVS. You constantly lead the team in deals and leads and are such a core part of our culture. You are no longer just the Eminem Karaoke SME and have officially taken the next step in becoming a Staffing SME. Watching you transition from a timid Recruiter in 2021 to a fearless powerhouse has been an incredible ride. You embody what it means to hold the title of Senior Recruiter – driving business, getting hot leads (sometimes even pipelines), pushing processes, and constantly giving the other Recruiters a run for their money. I am SO proud of you and cannot wait to see you CRUSH the role of Med EVS’ first Senior Recruiter!!!!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Lauren Morse

“STEVEY SCOTT! Heck of a last name. I could not be more proud of you and what you have accomplished and contributed to our group and Med Device as a whole. I still remember the day you started and how taken back we all were by your energy and enthusiasm to hit the phones and make a name for yourself. Some call you Stevey Chopsticks, but I consider you a friend and the go-to Recruiter for the last two years. You continue to lead by example for our new employees and fight for business for the group daily. I have never seen someone pump out leads, take job orders, and push urgency like you do. I think the most exciting part of it all is that… you are JUST GETTING STARTED. I’m looking forward to seeing you continue to crush your goals and push the status quo. Congrats again to Med EVS’ first SENIOR Recruiter!!!” – Sales Manager, Medical Device EVS, Scott Thompson