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Talent Mentor Spotlight

January 03, 2023


January is the special time of year known as National Mentoring Month! National Mentoring Month is the largest-scale mentoring campaign nationwide, working to bring attention to the understanding and importance of youth mentoring. ALKU takes pride in celebrating their mentors not only in January but year-round!  

Mentorship is integral to ALKU’s company culture, both internally and externally. When employees start at ALKU, no matter their level in the company, they are paired with an internal mentor. This person guides them throughout their time at ALKU, helping them in their day-to-day and long-term career. ALKU prides itself in its internal commitment to mentoring, that when it came time to choose an external organization to support, mentoring made sense to ALKU.     

The first Mentor Spotlight we are highlighting is from our Talent pillar! This Spotlight highlights Director of Talent Acquisition, Marissa Meyer and her mentees College Relationship Development Manager, Hailee Centrella, and College Relationship Development Coordinator, Julia Foley!   

When did you start mentoring Julia and Hailee?
I met Hailee when she interviewed for a full-time Corporate Team role at ALKU in the spring of 2020. She started on the Talent Acquisition team full-time in the summer of 2020 when all employees worked remotely due to the pandemic. Our mentoring relationship begins on day 1. 

I met Julia when she was interviewing for a Corporate Team internship position at ALKU in the spring of 2021. She started as an intern on the Talent Acquisition team in the summer of 2021. Our mentoring relationship was formalized in the fall of 2021. 

How have you seen Hailee grow into a mentor?
I stress the importance of embodying little bits of many people they admire to mentees. If someone is lucky, there are several people who they learn from and look up to in their lifetime. Hailee is lucky.  Now, as a mentor, Hailee emits the best qualities of the strong professional and personal mentors she has been surrounded by throughout her journey to today. It’s a Mentor recipe built for the long-term, and that will have her always leading by example with empathy and spirit. 

How did you see Julia grow under your mentorship as an intern?
I remember the interview very well. Julia was like an onion during that first conversation. As the layers peeled back, although seemingly unsure and lacking conviction in some moments, I knew there was something special about her. I knew that with team collaboration, empowerment, and encouragement, Julia would quickly make an impact and that she would genuinely care. Julia, just 6 months post-grad now, has proven her abilities by working thoughtfully, and she has visibly become more sure about her mission’s what/how/why. Julia is well on her way to developing into a confident young professional. 

What is your favorite thing about your mentoring relationship with Julia?
I love how smart Julia is but perhaps doesn’t always realize it. She’ll always be willing and will listen intently. When she and I get the chance to talk shop and get carried away in it, I am taken aback by what she brings to light and how she finds different ways to add value despite how early she is in her career. Julia also has a respectable, sarcastic sense of humor which, for me, is very much appreciated. 

What is your favorite thing about your mentoring relationship with Hailee?
The understanding that Hailee and I have for one another is effortless and goes beyond the office walls. I love the enthusiasm and all-in mentality she brings to our time together, and then I love watching how she translates and delivers messages and missions to her mentees. I also commend Hailee’s people-person identity; it is timeless, beautiful, and will carry her career far. 

How long have you been Hailee’s mentor?
Almost 2.5 years!  

How long were you Julia’s mentor?
About 8 months!