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Tarah Lovato Promoted to Senior Director of Pharmaceutical and Government Sales

March 14, 2022


Tarah Lovato started her career at ALKU in 2013. Tarah has taken many chances and leaps of faith throughout her career which have landed her where she is today! With every new adventure, she has put in her all and always performed at the highest level possible.

Tarah has played a big part in growing the Pharmaceutical leaders and their teams to where they are today. Additionally, she has been a key component in helping the Government team over the past year. She has been instrumental in finding efficiencies in all aspects. By doing so, she has cleared the path to allow more time for deals and the development of future leaders.

In her new role, she will be responsible for the continued growth of the Pharmaceutical and Government sales teams and leaders.

Congratulations, Tarah! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Tarah has never given less than 110% of herself to this job.  No matter what the situation, Tarah continues to prove to be the gold standard for reliability at ALKU.  There have been many times that Tarah has taken a leap of faith that would have been easy to say “no” to, given her lack of experience in that area.  However, every time she has taken on something new, I am impressed by her ability to problem solve, learn, and adapt.  This has allowed her to become the most efficient leader and teammate for whatever it is she is supporting.  She gives her heart and soul into growing ALKU to be the best and biggest company out there.  You would be hard pressed to find someone more passionate and enthusiastic about watching her leaders grow and celebrating their successes.  We can all agree that we are better with Tarah Lovato leading the Pharmaceutical and Government Sales teams.  Tarah – thanks for all you do and never ceasing to amaze.  Congrats on a well-earned promotion to Senior Director!” -David Esteves

“Tarah is up for any challenge or opportunity the company has thrown at her. From switching to recruiting from sales, to taking on additional responsibilities with the Government sales team, nothing phases her. It’s this determination and willingness to take chances to create opportunities for herself and those she works with that sets her apart. She has helped build a top-notch leadership team in the Pharma divisions. Additionally, she has a high level of involvement with overall company operations. She truly is a staple to the ALKU leadership team and is the definition or reliable and loyal.  Please join me in congratulating Tarah on her promotion to Senior Director.” -Andrew Bull

“Congratulations Tarah! It is incredible to see what you have accomplished since you started at ALKU. From smiling and laughing on the phones to switching roles, leading teams and being willing to take on more whenever asked. Whatever you set your mind to you have been able to do, it is no surprise you continue to grow. You are such a well-rounded leader who truly understands the business from all angles. We are lucky to have you focused on the strategy needed to continue to grow in multiple areas of ALKU. I have always admired your determination and enthusiasm. You are a trailblazing role model for many, and I am proud to work with you! It doesn’t hurt that you have a memory like an elephant- you can always be counted on to remember the details! Looking forward to seeing you crush this next chapter!” -Leah Bourdon