Andrew Regan

Director of Training Centers

Andrew began at ALKU in January of 2013. Andrew began at ALKU within the Perm Sales division, moved to the SAP Sales division, transitioned to SAP Recruiting, and then Government recruiting. He has taken experience and knowledge from each position and feels this makes him a more well-rounded and versatile employee.
As ALKU’s Director of Regional Training Centers, Andrew is responsible for the management of all Training Centers. He also helps oversee the internship program.

Andrew believes working hard, staying focused and always remembering to stay calm are the keys to success. No matter what type of situation you are in, keeping a level head and keeping calm are always the keys to fixing the issue.

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard?”
I Have Fun Working Hard by always cracking jokes in the office and making people laugh. Whether I am ragging on myself or a colleague, I always keep the atmosphere light and funny. We have the best employees in the business and keeping it light while working hard is how we differentiate ourselves.

Outside of ALKU:
When he is not at ALKU, Andrew is either going out with friends, playing golf, or watching football. He has played sports his whole life and is very competitive.