Kayla Serard

Senior Director, Payroll, Personnel Services, Benefits, & Office Operations

In 2013, Kayla started her ALKU career as a Recruiter before transitioning into the role of Consultant Services Coordinator. In her current role, Kayla oversees ALKU’s Payroll, Personnel Services, Benefits, and Office Operations teams. She works to develop her leaders and teams while continuing to grow critical groups on the Corporate side of business. Kayla also contributes to the Director’s group as an asset with experience developing efficient groups, employees, and managers.

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard®”?

I Have Fun Working Hard® by celebrating my team’s and the company’s success as a whole! I love bonding with my team, talking about the TV shows we are all watching, and coming up with nicknames for one another.

What is your favorite way to get involved at ALKU?

My favorite way to get involved at ALKU is by joining various groups and ERGs! I am a member of our AWE ERG, State of Mind ERG, and the Green Team. I also like to help grow ALKU by being behind the scenes and helping wherever possible.

What is your day-to-day life like outside of ALKU?

Outside of ALKU, I like to spend most of my time with my husband, my son Jack and pup Miley. We love going for walks, reading books and trying new foods!