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TJ Sellers Promoted to Virtual Training Center Manager

April 24, 2023


TJ attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he studied Communications. In June 2021, he began his ALKU career as a Recruiter for Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering & Validation. TJ quickly made an impact. His management team attributes this early success to his independent work ethic and ability to understand second and third-level concepts.  

TJ has followed the ALKU process and Have Fun Working Hard® culture seamlessly. Since day one, his ability to take a proactive approach to his desk has prepared him for Leadership. For example, he brings solutions to problems before presenting them to Leadership. In addition, he truly thrives in his role because he builds lasting relationships with those around him. For these incredible traits and many more make TJ a phenomenal leader for the next generation of ALKU. To date, he has converted five Interns into future ALKU employees post-graduation.  

TJ is constantly checking in and seeing what he can do to assist and build his team, even while enjoying time off. His care and dedication result in his team regularly exceeding weekly metrics while finding a way to keep conversations fun and light. TJ is dedicated to ensuring that ALKU’s Interns see the value in our special culture daily!  

In TJ’s new role, he will focus on growing ALKU’s virtual internship presence at universities and colleges across the east coast. TJ will be the reason countless Interns pursue careers at ALKU, as he will be their first Manager. He will train them on industry best practices, manage their day-to-day activity, and coach them on vital career choices.  

The growth of ALKU is highly dependent on the success of the Internship Program. TJ and his TC counterparts play an integral role in the next chapter of ALKU. The Interns he works with today will have opportunities to start our next division, build lasting relationships with new clients and consultants, and ultimately push ALKU to new heights. 

Congratulations, TJ! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Congratulations” almost doesn’t seem to be enough when I think of a word to share my excitement for TJ. Early on in his move to the VTC, TJ was strictly business. His heads-down mentality was almost intimidating. What I did not realize at the time was that TJ was studying everything around him. He was trying to retain as much information as possible so he could put it into action. 

His coachability, engagement, and work ethic still surprise me today. Most importantly, he cares about the Interns he manages. His pride in his work is unmatched, and I regularly hear fantastic feedback on him from Revenue groups, fellow Talent leaders, and Corporate groups he interacts with. At times I must remind myself that TJ has only been with us for a short time because it feels like he has been part of our group for years. To call him an asset to the VTC program would simply be an understatement.  

I feel honored to manage TJ and cannot wait to see the impact he continues to make at ALKU years from now!” – Senior Manager, Virtual Training Centers, Taylor Trumphour  

“Congratulations to Mr. TJ, “From the attic to the“ Sellers, for his promotion to VTC Manager! The second I interviewed TJ, I knew he would be a force to be reckoned with. His cool, calm demeanor makes anyone he talks to feel comfortable and welcome.  His work ethic, personality, and grit made him instantly successful at ALKU.  TJ is not afraid to ask tough questions and always makes the most out of any situation. His passion for doing the job right the first time is palpable, and he demands excellence and hard work from all the Interns in the virtual office. Since taking over the management of VTC2, TJ has extended multiple FT offers, and his office has closed numerous deals. TJ has done a great job carrying the culture created by Mike King but also bringing in his own flair and spin the office. TJ has fit in perfectly with the TC team and made the division even closer. I know for a fact that the Virtual Training Center team has gotten much stronger with the addition of TJ, and I am excited to see how far he takes his office! Congrats TJ!” Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan 

“LET’S GO, TJ! Working with you and getting you up to speed running a VTC has been an HONOR and a PRIVILEDGE. In all seriousness, this kid has some of the best work ethics I have ever seen in a TC Manager. TJ is in early and will stay late if an Intern wants to work past their shift hours. He is always vocal and willing to ask for more on his plate. It was bittersweet handing over VTC 2 to you, but the relationships that you are able to form with your Interns are not teachable. Seeing you come in and take over with ease definitely puts a smile on my face. You have a natural ability to be a leader, manager, and friend to all those around you, and it does not go unnoticed. I’m extremely excited to see the new heights to which you take the VTC world! Congratulations, man!” – Senior Manager, Training Center Strategy, Michael King