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Tom Parcero Promoted to Training Manager, Sales

April 26, 2023


Tom started his ALKU career in March 2018 and has been an essential member of the ALKrew ever since. Throughout his career, he has mastered the Sales Trainer position and has also taught multiple other trainers how to master the same role. Tom is incredibly talented and has mentored countless employees along the way.  

Tom has a great sense of humor and always displays ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. In addition, he is always the first to raise his hand when there is a need for representation at an ALKU event.  

In his new role, Tom will be responsible for all full-time training and development programs related to sales. In addition, he will play a pivotal role in the continued success of sales mentorships and will work closely with Talent and sales leaders to improve processes.  

Congratulations Tom! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Tom! So pumped for you, my man. You are one of the most talented employees I have seen at ALKU. You are the perfect example of someone who took a leap of faith in this company and had it pay off. You were an incredible salesperson, but what is even more impressive than that is your ability to sit next to an Account Manager, pay attention to their sales game, and pinpoint exactly what needs to be tweaked to uncover endless potential. It truly is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Luckily for every AM in the company, you now have the ability to teach other trainers how to mentor Account Managers the exact same way. This promotion alone will help Account Managers across the company add an enormous amount of growth. While it may be hard to find a bartender in Boston that can make an Old Fashioned as good as you can, let’s hit the town to celebrate. Congrats man. You should be proud.” – Senior Manager, Talent Development, Chris Drake 

“Tom Tom Tom! Mr. Trainer himself. Bill’s mafia fan. And arguably the greatest mixologist known to mankind. Congrats on adding Sales Trainer Manager to that list! I am SO happy for you and this well-deserved promo. Having known you your entire ALKU career and watching you take on more risk and opportunity has been so fun to watch. You were a successful AM that took a crazy chance with a brand-new pillar and have absolutely made it into something incredible and sought after. Your passion, drive, and ability to make everyone instantly fall in love with you are why you’ve been such a successful trainer. You have made a splash in the Talent world and are the main ingredient to other Account Manager’s success. Your commitment to this company, your group, and your people is unmatched, and I can speak for anyone when I say you were meant for this role. I can’t wait to watch you take on this new challenge and inspire so many others along the way. Every time I leave the room with you, I have the biggest smile on my face, and for that, thank you. Thank you for being you, being such a hard worker, and putting others first. Congrats again, my friend, and please go celebrate by having someone else make your drinks for once! – Sales Director, Medical Device, Kristina Kent 

“Tom! Congrats! Whether as a successful Med QVC Account Manager or transitioning to training, you’ve always gone above and beyond. You took such a leap of faith being Chris Drake’s first-ever hire on the Training side of things, and that’s a leap that has paid off tenfold across the company.  

Every single Account Manager at ALKU should be excited about this promotion and how Tom Parcero being at the helm of the Sales Training program benefits their careers. He’s never strayed away from a challenge, and I’ve even witnessed him taking a front-row seat to some of the best “turn-around” stories in ALKU Sales history.  After talking with some of the AMs he’s mentored, some of the most common words they used to describe Tom were: knowledgeable, caring, patient, motivating, encouraging, persistent, positive, creative…… the list goes on. The only people that are more grateful for Tom than Account Managers are Sales Managers. It takes a certain type of person to come in and find gaps in an AMs day-to-day, audit their call lists, assess their book of business, hop on their calls, do weekly 1-1s, and game plan with Sales Managers on how to make them the best they can be. This is such a pivotal role for company growth, and there is no one better than Tom to partner with the sales team. You’ve turned so many Account Managers into studs already, and I can’t wait to watch what else you can do as you grow the team below you. You’re the best, and congrats!” – Senior Sales Manager, Kronos & UKG Pro, Bri Maher