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Tyler Bush Promoted to Senior Director of Healthcare IT & Cybersecurity

September 26, 2022


Tyler started in 2016 when ALKU was previously known as Holland Square Group. He saw immediate success when building the Healthcare IT group and creating the Charlotte office location from the ground up. Today, you can see the upbeat energy as soon as you walk through the Charlotte doors. The culture is like no other, and this is all thanks to Tyler’s hard work.   

Tyler is a leader with a track record of success with everything he touches. He took the lead and made the transition from Holland Square Group to ALKU a great success. He has since significantly impacted Healthcare IT, Cybersecurity, and Data Science. He has created strong and successful leaders. Tyler is a driving force for Cerner, Epic, Cybersecurity, and Data Science.   

In Tyler’s new role, as Senior Director of Healthcare & Cybersecurity, he will be responsible for the direction and decision-making of the brand, along with the development of our entire leadership team.   

Congratulations, Tyler! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!    

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tyler Bush is trust. Everyone who has ever interacted with Tyler at ALKU knows exactly what I am talking about. You can always trust that Tyler will make the right decision for the people who work for him. Tyler is a caring leader who truly cares about the success of everyone around him. While he is a calm and thoughtful leader, his competitive side is second to none. He is never satisfied with the success of the past and always looking for ways to make a bigger impact at the company level. I’ve never heard anyone in the company say a bad word about him— which speaks to his consistency as a person. The success of Cerner, Epic, Data Science and Cybersecurity all comes back to the competitive drive that Tyler created. Thank you for always being there for me and everyone you work with. It is an honor to work with you every day! Congratulations on this promotion and everything that comes next!” -Dave Tuell  

“Tyler is the calm, confident, steady leader we look for at ALKU. He gives his employees and those he works with his full attention and a sense of being part of something bigger. His default is to seek out opportunities for his people and provide career paths for those who work for him. Tyler has successfully helped create multiple recruiting leaders, and as a result, his recruiting leadership team is top-notch and continues to help the company grow.  The Charlotte office is a great workplace, largely because of Tyler Bush.  Tyler has made a positive impact during his career at ALKU, but we all know he is just getting started.  Please join me in congratulating Tyler Bush on his promotion to Sr. Director!” -Andrew Bull  

“If you ask anyone about Tyler Bush- the first thing that comes out of their mouth is how incredibly nice of a guy he is- following that, they will continue to talk about the unwavering support and mentorship he has provided to those he has worked with. I completely agree with that- since day 1 of working with Tyler in Charlotte- he blew me away with his unique and genuine style of developing relationships with his co-workers and employees. This is a massive part of what has set him apart as a leader in this company. He has this amazing ability to make everyone he interacts with better at their job. Tyler, you are the epitome of a strong and trusting leader, which is apparent daily. If you see Tyler today, be sure to say congratulations because he will be the first one who says it to you when it’s your day. CONGRATULATIONS, TYLER, on this WELL-DESERVED promotion. So excited for the future!!!!” -Michael O’Brien