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Tyson Ashcraft Promoted to Senior Manager of Cybersecurity and Data Science Recruiting

August 23, 2022


Tyson started his ALKU career seven years ago and has gone above and beyond daily. He is incredibly hardworking, dedicated, and motivated. Seeing how much he has accomplished in his time with ALKU is not only astounding but groundbreaking. Tyson is a team player and is not afraid of taking a chance.  

Throughout his career, he took a leap of faith when stepping away from the Cerner group to take on the challenge of starting Cybersecurity from scratch. Aside from this, he has transformed the culture in ALKU’s Franklin, TN office. He brings consistency, effort, energy, and positivity into the office. He is the heart and soul of the Franklin culture. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his group and throughout the company.   

In his new role, Tyson will oversee all recruiting efforts and further development for the Cybersecurity and Data Science groups.  

Congratulations, Tyson! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!    

“I hold Tyson to the highest possible regard. There are very few people I have more respect for than him. If you know his journey to this, I hope you use it as a teaching tool to “take chances.” If you don’t know his story, then I am sure you will read all about it within these quotes.   

Tyson started as a Cerner Recruiter in 2015 and became the Cerner Recruiting Manager in 2018. Throughout 2018, 2019, and 2020, he experienced so much change in the Franklin office, becoming a dad, and being offered the opportunity to start the Cybersecurity division from scratch that it would have been easy to get overwhelmed. But not Tyson; he took on the challenge of leaving Cerner and creating Cyber, overseeing the office in Franklin, and now experiencing so much growth and opportunity for those around him.   

Tyson never, under any circumstance, takes the easy way out on anything. He consistently speaks his mind and does what he believes is to the most benefit of ALKU and the group. The lens he sees everything through is fantastic and is always two steps ahead. The guy is just a one-stop-shop, and we are thankful to have someone like him here.   

Tyson is a tremendous leader but an even better friend & colleague. He treats people with the utmost respect and never wavers or rattles. He is arguably the most consistent, reliable, and steady leader we have here, and we cannot wait to see him dominate this next role he takes on. Appreciate all you do, T, couldn’t be more excited and happy for you.” -Tyler Bush  

“At ALKU, we talk a lot about having blind faith. There is no better example at our company than Tyson Ashcraft. He had 100% faith in ALKU leadership during the HSG acquisition. Then he was asked if he wanted to leave Cerner (a well-established powerhouse of a division) and lead a new Cyber start-up…he didn’t think twice. When he was asked to help with another start-up (Data Science), even though it meant he would have 12+ direct reports, his response was “whatever I have to do to support our brand”. Tyson steps up for any occasion and never asks for a thing in return. He is as selfless as they come. The only thing he’s ever asked for is three sides with his Bishops Fried Chicken! I couldn’t be more grateful to work with someone who will drop everything they are doing at the drop of a hat and have complete ownership of whatever the outcome is. Thank you for being you, Tyson, and Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion!” -David Tuell   

“Tyson’s story with ALKU should be an inspiration/blueprint to many people. When I first got involved in working with Tyson, I knew him as a Cerner Recruiting Manager. He jumped into being the Cyber Recruiting Manager with both feet and didn’t look back. It would be easy for people to see that move as a lateral move for Tyson at the time, but he had faith in his ability to grow a team out of essentially nothing. He is calming, inspiring, hardworking, and dedicated to improving any person he works with. The Franklin office and ALKU are a much better place having Tyson on our side. Ask anyone who works for him, or heck, ask anyone who visits the Franklin office how their experience with Tyson was. I have never heard anything but amazing feedback about any person’s experience with Tyson. Recently, Tyson was asked to take over the leadership of the Data Science recruiting team. Again, he was asked to bet on himself and answered the bell. Since then, he has brought stability and process to that world and hasn’t missed a beat despite managing teams in two different cities. This promotion for Tyson is extremely deserving, and I feel like I’ll be writing another one for him in no time. Congratulations, Tyson, and it is a pleasure getting the chance to work with you every day.” -Dan Lyons