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Unity Spotlight: Aliesha Grandison

February 21, 2023


We are excited to introduce ALKU’s newest Unity Leader, College Relationship Specialist, Aliesha Grandison!   

Aliesha displays everything that Unity has been searching for in a leader and so much more. We cannot wait to see how Aliesha continues to grow the ALKU Unity Family! Congratulations, Aliesha!   

Check out the answers Aliesha provided below! 

How long have you been a member of Unity?  
7.5 months  

What influenced you to join Unity’s Leadership team?  
Unity is very special to me. I wanted to be a leader because I appreciate the work that the current leaders have done fostering a sense of community for people of color, and I wanted to be a part of the team steering the growth of this ERG! I care a lot about this group and want to see it through as it develops!      

How does Unity support the ALKrew?  
Unity is a brave space for the ALKrew. It is a space where employees of color get vulnerable with one another and empower each other. We listen to each other’s stories and build a community from our experiences. For example, Unity had our Black History Month Company-wide Open Meeting not even a week ago. Words cannot explain how special that meeting was for the entire company. We laughed and cried together, and I think that embodies the brave space and support that Unity provides.   

What is one thing you wish people knew more about Unity?  
I wish more people knew how much representation was in this group! Our members represent regions from all over the world. We have Unity members with backgrounds from Africa, Europe, Latin America, Central America, Asia, and The West Indies!   

What advice would you give someone interested in learning more about this ERG? 
Talk to a member of Unity to see how they feel about the group! If you are not sure whom to ask, Slack me! I would be happy to share my experiences with Unity and connect with you some of the other members!  

What do you hope the future of Unity looks like?  
A bigger Unity is coming! It makes me excited to see that our group is growing so much. We have new members join almost every week, and now that ERGs are open to Interns, I don’t see this slowing down.   

As a leader, what is one thing you would like to implement in this ERG? 
I would love for Unity to have a Speaker Series planned throughout the year. We learn a lot from each other as it is, and having speakers come in to discuss different topics will help us elevate our engagement, conversations, and thinking!   

What is your favorite aspect of Unity? 
The community you feel immediately! Being a new employee comes with its own challenges of finding your “people”. However, I think that ALKU does a great job of bringing in amazing, welcoming, and supportive people. In addition, Unity peels another layer of the initial ALKU community and allows me to have another group filled with people with similar backgrounds and experiences!    

If you had to describe Unity in one word, what would it be? 

Unity Bio:
For employees of color at ALKU to share experiences, provide fellowship and support, enhance career and personal development, and contribute to ALKU’s vision and values. We feel it is essential for the underrepresented population at ALKU to have a safe space to meet and discuss life outside and inside ALKU.