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Unity Spotlight: Parker Phillips

May 24, 2022


We are extremely excited to introduce our next Unity Leader, DE&I Coordinator, Parker Phillips! Parker was selected as one of the new Unity Leaders because of his impeccable organization, determination, compassion, caring, and kind traits. He displays everything that Unity has been searching for and so much more. We cannot wait to see how Parker continues to grow the ALKU Unity Family! Congratulations, Parker! Check out the answers Parker provided below!

Why did you want to join Unity’s Leadership team? 

I joined Unity leadership because I feel this is a great way to lead organizational change. Being a leader of Unity is more than providing a resource for people of color here at ALKU. It comes with the task of having difficult conversations about struggles both at work, and in the daily lives of our underrepresented communities working here. Since high school, I’ve been dedicated to encouraging people to be unapologetically themselves, by providing safe spaces like Unity. This is the opportunity to continue that journey and pave the way for the next generation entering the workforce. I am honored to do so alongside my co-leader Caree Pitts. 

How does Unity help support the ALKrew? 

We serve as a safe space for underrepresented communities of color within ALKU. We also use a lot of our meetings to educate the entire company on many topics that are overlooked pertaining to culture and identity. We aim to provide the necessary resources for employees to be comfortable in the skin they are in! Everyone can have fun while working hard, regardless of race and ethnicity. This group helps to continuously promote that belief.  

What does the future of Unity look like? 

The future of Unity is very bright! We are 41 members strong, and we get bigger by the quarter! I see this group as a living breathing representation of where our company is headed within the DE&I space. This group is a form of ongoing accountability. ALKU’s recruiting efforts have a direct impact on this ERG. We reinforce training and education to leadership, ensuring equal opportunity in the hiring process. Through this, Unity will continue to expand on our path to a diverse work environment.  

What is one thing you wish people knew more about Unity? 

One thing I wish people knew more about Unity is that we do not aim to exclude anyone who doesn’t identify as a person of color. We simply provide a support group for employees who identify similarly, and experience historic underrepresentation. Attending our company-wide meetings is key to understanding this, and we will continue to host them to educate the ALKrew on the importance of this ERG.  

Unity Bio:

For employees of color at ALKU to share experiences, provide fellowship and support, enhance career and personal development, and contribute to ALKU’s vision and values. We feel it is important for the underrepresented population at ALKU to have a safe space to meet and discuss life both outside and inside ALKU.