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Unity Spotlight: Sabrina Arguello

July 13, 2022


We are excited to introduce the new Unity Leader, Payroll Coordinator, Sabrina Arguello! Sabrina was selected as one of the new Unity Leaders because of her impeccable organization, determination, compassion, caring, and kindness. She displays everything that Unity has been searching for and so much more. We cannot wait to see how Sabrina continues to grow the ALKU Unity Family! Congratulations, Sabrina! Check out the answers Sabrina provided below!

Why did you want to join Unity’s Leadership team?
Unity is an ERG that is near and dear to my heart. The Unity group is where you truly feel at home and can find solace during the good and bad times. When the opportunity opened to where I could lead Unity, I could not wait to apply! I have so many ideas to bring to the table, and I jumped at the chance to enact those ideas and collaborate with the group in any way possible! 

How does Unity help support the ALKrew?
Unity provides a safe space for employees of color at ALKU where they can feel understood and empowered as employees of ALKU and especially as people. We work together to discuss important causes and current events that impact our communities and then find ways to present this to the entire ALKU community to seek support! As a group, we brainstorm new ways to raise awareness to ALKU on our specific heritages and ways that we can work together to support one another in the best way possible. 

What does the future of Unity look like?
We plan to grow this group to have at least a quarter of the company involved in Unity. Representation is so important, and we hope to have Unity members throughout each team throughout ALKU. There has been a lot of outside interest, so we want to find more ways to involve ALKU employees outside of Unity in more of our initiatives and meetings!  

What is one thing you wish people knew more about Unity?
I want people to know that this group is filled with people of many different heritages and cultures. Unity is a family that stands together through tough times and cheers each other on during the good times. I hope others may feel our love for one another, and we look forward to more involvement throughout the company! 

Unity Bio:
For employees of color at ALKU to share experiences, provide fellowship and support, enhance career and personal development, and contribute to ALKU’s vision and values. We feel it is essential for the underrepresented population at ALKU to have a safe space to meet and discuss life outside and inside ALKU.