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UNX Recap!

March 29, 2022


ALKU wrapped up the UNX Games Sales Competition between University of New Hampshire and University of North Alabama. The Wildcats and the Lions brought the competition to Nashville, TN last week!

During the event, students competed against one another in ALKU-focused case studies. They worked through realistic scenarios that ALKU Account Managers work through daily. This competition ran through the Fall and Spring Semesters, where the Wildcats and Lions competed against one another in ALKU-focused case studies prior to establish who was would be heading to Nashville.

On the first day, the students went through round one of the final case study. They brought the competition outside of sales for some intense rounds of Mario Kart. After, the ALKrew Lions and Wildcats headed over to the Row for a fun filled dinner!

On day two, the students and the rest of the ALKrew saw the competition go down live in our viewing rooms. Prior to final rounds, viewing rooms are not open at all.

The students who made it to the final rounds determined the overall winners of the UNX Games. All the students received ALKU swag to celebrate making it to the end!

The University winner was names based off a point system that the students were scored on. Both teams were equally fierce competitors, but UNH was the overall winning team that took home the title!

A big shout out to our “buyers” and “judges” from the ALKrew! Thank you to Erin McCormick, Dave Tuell, Grant Schmidt, Tyson Ashcraft, Joseph Peduzzi, Chris Stanford, Nick Hegarty, Eddie Garcia, and Dan Lyons!

A huge thank you and congratulations to Hailee Centrella who spearheaded this program and brought it to life for the second year in a row!

Overall, this competition was a great success, we cannot wait to see what the competition holds in 2023!