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Virtual Training Center Manager Spotlight: Jacob Carnes and Kasey Hebert

September 07, 2023


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We are excited to feature our next Training Center Managers, Jacob Carnes and Kasey Hebert! They shared their journey at ALKU, their favorite aspects of their job, and insight about the Virtual Training Center. Check it out below!

When did you start your ALKU career?
Jacob: I started with ALKU as an Intern in 2017.
Kasey: I started my ALKU career in 2018.

Were you an ALKU Intern?
Jacob: Yes, I started in Andover and switched back and forth between UMass and Andover.
Kasey: Yes, I was an intern at the University of New Hampshire Training Center.

What was your first full-time role at ALKU?
Jacob: I started as an Epic Recruiter in 2019.
Kasey: In 2019, I went full-time as an Oracle Cloud Recruiter.

What drove you to your current position?
Jacob: I was a shift lead at UMass and always enjoyed helping others be successful, along with working on my own book of business. I put my head down and grinded at my own desk, always letting my manager know I would always be interested in a training position, and then this position was brought to me in which I could grow the success of many new ALKU employees and Interns and took it right away.
Kasey: I was an Intern at UNH and always had a passion for helping others. I enjoyed recruiting and worked very hard, keeping my head down and focusing on front-end metrics while trusting my managers and the process. After about a year or so at ALKU, I was able to join the Futures Program and grow my leadership skills. Summer of 2021, I was put into the mentoring program and worked with Interns while I ran my own desk. It not only made me more successful at my own job but helped me realize how exciting it is to teach others and help them reach their goals and be successful too. I knew at that point I wanted to be a Training Center Manager, so I spoke with as many managers and directors as I could, I advocated for myself, I volunteered to run UMass for two weeks while Adam was out, and when I position was open, they came to me first.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Jacob: There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing someone light up and take control of their own success through my guidance. Helping college students see their potential and how much they can make and not be complacent even early on in their professional careers is amazing.
Kasey: I have always had a passion for helping others. My favorite part is watching someone finally understand this job. You can just see when it clicks and the excitement in their eyes. I take pride in helping people grow their own careers. Most Interns come into this job not knowing what they would like to do after graduation and trying to figure out if ALKU is the place for them. I love being a part of that process, helping them grow professionally and personally, and hopefully helping them launch a successful and fulfilling career here with ALKU!

What is the atmosphere like at the Training Center?
Jacob: The two things that come to mind are fun and hard work. I try to emulate exactly how the office operates with our Have Fun Working Hard® culture so every Intern can see what we have to offer if they choose to move forward with ALKU as a career.
Kasey: Just like ALKU’s motto, we have fun while working hard. We encourage learning and asking as many questions as possible. We are a very competitive bunch and are constantly pushing ourselves to be better and learn more.

How does ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture display throughout the Training Center?
Jacob: We always like to keep things light and fun alongside working hard. We put aside time to get to know each other, learn everyone’s story, and root each other on during everyone’s individual wins and successes.
Kasey: We try to mirror the in-person offices as much as possible. We view ourselves as a team, and when one person succeeds, we all take a moment to celebrate and make that person feel excited over their accomplishment. Just like in the office, we have competitions and are always changeling ourselves and those around us.

What can an ALKU Intern expect to learn and experience throughout their internship?
Jacob: All things staffing sales – top to bottom. Not only do I want all the Interns working with me to be successful at their own desks and know what to say on the phones, but why we get what we get and how it helps the company grow.
Kasey: We teach the entire sales process and everything about ALKU. Even if they don’t see it on a day-to-day basis, we try to cover everything. We are here to help them figure out if they want a full-time career at ALKU. The more they know, the easier they can make that decision.

What is one piece of advice you would give an individual looking to pursue an internship at ALKU?
Jacob: To follow the process, try and have fun with it, and be a sponge. This can be a weird and very different job if you have never done sales before. You have the ability to create your own success and your own luck. Try and utilize your time as best as possible through questions, role plays, time spent on the phone, and in trainings.
Kasey: Ask questions and be engaged! You are here to LEARN. The more you ask, the more you will learn and grow. This job is very much learning by failing and trying again, so don’t be afraid to fail and reach out for help. You can create your own success and get a jump start on your career here if you take advantage of this time by speaking with people, making connections, learning as much as possible, and continuing to try your hardest every day. You will walk away with a serious head start on the next stage of your life.

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