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AWE Leaders: Desiree Drummond-Mayrie

March 15, 2024


Woman smiling at the camera.

ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) is a women’s group determined to provide resources to the women of ALKU and give them the support they need to continue to develop within the organization. Six women have changed their status from AWE Member to AWE leader, and one of them is Recruiting Manager, Medical Device Quality Assurance Desiree Drummond-Mayrie!

Adding Her Own Spice

When asked about her motivation to become an AWE Leader, Desiree’s enthusiasm shines through. “I have always loved and looked forward to being a part of AWE meetings on the desk-level side,” she shares. “When presented with the chance to craft these meetings myself and add my own ‘Desiree’ spice to them, I couldn’t give that up.”

A Warm Welcome

Desiree’s commitment to supporting her fellow ALKrew members is unwavering. As an AWE Leader, she will continue to welcome all women at ALKU with open ears and arms. She uplifts and supports those around her by being not only an ally, but someone who other women at ALKU can come to for advice and support.

2024 Goals

Her vision for the future of AWE is rooted in inclusivity, empowerment, and advocacy. “Being a mother and a woman of color, there are so many realms I can access and support from my experiences in the workplace having these intersecting identities,” Desiree explains. “I am extremely excited to be able to not only educate other women and men in the office on motherhood but also show others how to become allies for other mothers and women of color in the office.”

Desiree embodies the essence of empowerment that defines an ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) Leader. Learn about ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and stay tuned to meet the rest of AWE’s new Leadership Team!