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Women’s History Month: Emily Collins

March 04, 2024


Woman smiling at the camera.

Emily Collins has been a critical asset to ALKU for over nine years and has held positions in four Corporate departments. When Emily jumped in to create the Facilities Planning world, her ability to take charge and make processes was really when she hit her stride. From multiple new offices to rebuilds to everything in between, there is no one better to get things done efficiently than Emily.

The New & Sophisticated ALKU

The journey towards ALKU’s New HQ began two years prior to its opening. Emily spearheaded the process, scouted locations with brokers, negotiated leases, and coordinated with ALKU leaders on the layout to ensure the space met the company’s needs. She coordinated with architects, designers, and a large team of vendors to create the office look and feel. Consuming months of dedication, hard work, and endless fabric samples and furniture options, it was all worth it for Emily to see everyone smiling on move-in day.

Teamwork was EVERYTHING

Teamwork was everything for the success of this project. One of Emily’s most important collaborations was with ALKU’s Marketing team – specifically Rebecca Crossley and Justin Mosher. Together, this trio completely reimagined how ALKU looks and feels when you walk through our doors, and then brought it to life. Emily admits they didn’t always agree on things but walking through everyone’s points of view ended in the best possible outcome every single time.

The ALKU Staircase

Every large-scale construction project presents its share of challenges, and ALKU was no exception. To quote Emily, “Have you ever thought about how to build a staircase from scratch?” It hurts one’s brain to visualize that process – shoutout to the professional architects. Regardless, building the staircase was a notable challenge during construction. Emily and the teams tackled it through thorough discussions without sacrificing any design elements. It was worth it to have the ALKrew connected for the first time in seven years!

With a future as bright as Emily’s, this isn’t the last time you’ll hear her name! Inspired by Emily’s career? Take the first step towards success by applying to join the ALKrew!