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Women’s History Month: Rebecca Crossley

March 26, 2024


Rebecca Crossley has played a vital role in developing the Marketing team. At the beginning of her career, it was a two-person group. Fast-forward to the present day and eleven members make up the powerhouse team. Today, she enters a new chapter of her ALKU career.

From Humble Beginnings 

Rebecca Crossley’s ALKU career started as a Marketing Intern; from there, she held the positions of Marketing Program Coordinator, Brand Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Director. While the titles suggest linear growth, the story behind it is anything but. With each role came a new set of challenges, trial and error, and mistakes learned. Throughout her tenure, Rebecca consistently advocated for herself and vocalized her career aspirations and Marketing team involvement. To quote Rebecca, “If that means Marketing, that’s me!”

Coolest Project to Date 

Designing ALKU’s new Headquarters was one of the coolest projects Rebecca has worked on. In collaboration with Justin Mosher, Emily Collins, and Lauren Pacella, they meticulously crafted a space that catered to the needs and preferences of a growing company. Every decision was made with the intention of bringing ALKU’s brand to life. Today, it’s a space that employees love and are proud to say they work in.

Director, Corporate Affairs and Media Relations

Recently, Rebecca accepted an opportunity to transition from Director, Marketing to Director, Corporate Affairs and Media Relations. Reflecting on this, Rebecca shares, “When you’re presented with an opportunity like this, you take it. It’s what’s meant for you.” It was scary for her to think about leaving everything she’s built over the past nine years. What allowed her to be confident is the current and future leaders of the Marketing team. In her new role, Rebecca focuses on company messaging to the markets served, finding opportunities to share ALKU’s story, and elevating ALKU’s presence in the staffing space.

Rebecca embodies her advice to, “Understand your strengths and put yourself in those situations to be highlighted,” and her new role complements her strengths to a T. Apply to join the ALKrew to find yours!