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Women’s History Month: Sam Collins

March 07, 2024


Samantha Collins started as a Recruiter, quickly setting herself apart as a top employee and invaluable asset. From there, she ascended the ranks, assuming new roles of increasing responsibility, and today, she is one of the highest producers in the company. Samantha’s current role as Business Development Manager (BDM) is perfect for her leadership and sales prowess, allowing her to run as fast as she can towards new business and help others grow along the way.  

Women Supporting Women  

Samantha supports the women around her by setting the bar and leading by example. Showing the women of ALKU that glass ceilings don’t exist when you smash through them fist first is the best example she can set. She fosters an environment of possibility allowing more women to join by her side or to elevate them to surpass. She emphasizes the importance of supporting all women in their personal and career aspirations. 

“Color Outside the Lines” 

At ALKU, Samantha found more than just a workplace; she found innovation and growth. Empowered to “color outside the lines,” Samantha spearheaded initiatives to penetrate new markets and drive unprecedented growth. ALKU’s trust in her instincts and vision propelled her career and the team’s collective success, underscoring the company’s commitment to career growth. 

Life at ALKU as a BDM  

A typical day in Sam’s role is anything but ordinary. Embracing chaos, she thrives in the whirlwind of challenges and opportunities that come her way. Whether strategizing for market expansion or collaborating with colleagues, Sam approaches each day with a goal of showing up to the purest staffing challenge out there and owning it.  

As for the next step in her ALKU career, Samantha is focused on advancing the market Government is focused on and discovering areas to expand. Interested in a successful career at ALKU? Take the first step by applying for a full-time position as a  Sales Representative!