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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Corporate

March 20, 2023


In this final spotlight, we will focus on the achievements of several women in ALKU’s Corporate pillar! 

Expansions and New ALKU Offices 
Emily Collins is ALKU’s Senior Facilities Planning Manager. However, Emily has held many titles throughout her career and is also a working mom. She started as ALKU’s Operations Coordinator, transitioned to Marketing Coordinator, and moved into the role of Operations Manager.   

Today, Emily handles all new office builds and expansions. In addition, she is responsible for identifying space, lease negotiation, designing the space, and all the project supervision that follows up until the opening day.   

She is extremely hardworking and communicative, which are two qualities that are essential in her role.  Every ALKU office offers a buzzing environment thanks to Emily’s amazing work!  

Always putting the ALKrew First
Office Administrators Ryan Parrella, Sarah Moxam, Savannah Heithcock, and Ariel Kennedy go above and beyond to help the ALKrew daily. These women are responsible for various tasks that help facilitate the efficient operation of the team and the company.  

These women continuously put the ALKrew first and prioritized everything and anything that could make their day in the office even better. From bagel Thursdays to keeping the offices in top condition, what can’t the Office Administrators do?  

Keeping ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® Culture Alive 
Marketing Manager, Events & Internal Engagement, Dania Ramirez, is the driving force behind why ALKU has the best outings and events. She continuously prioritizes ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture and brings creativity to everything she touches. Additionally, she is a working mom! 

Dania is hardworking, creative, and a mentor. Thanks to Dania’s outstanding work, ALKU celebrates everyday accomplishments in style!  

Inspiring everyone at ALKU 
Vice President, Client Operations, Jeanine Morgan began at ALKU and was a team of one. Jeanine is a selfless leader whose primary focus is developing her team and their careers. She is someone that everyone at ALKU looks up to as a role model and is well respected by all.   

Jeanine truly cares about the success of everyone and will go above and beyond to support the ALKrew. Additionally, Jeanine had won the ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) Inspire Award for being incredibly approachable, inspiring, and supportive to everyone daily.   

Holding ALKU Together From Start to Finish 
Technology Manager, Provisioning, Carla Poitras works mainly behind the scenes, and her work is done before all new hires begin at ALKU. She continues to go above and beyond to ensure processes are the most effective as possible, the new hire user experience in terms of technology is seamless, and her employees are supported and have the tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.     

Her day-to-day role includes overseeing all employees onboarded, claiming and resolving multiple technology issue emails, promotions, and role changes of all ALKU users. In addition, Carla continuously goes about and beyond to ensure that attention to detail is instilled in her work every day.   

We can’t wait to continue celebrating Women’s History Month!