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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Talent

March 06, 2023


We are thrilled to be introducing our first Women’s History Month spotlight for 2023! ALKU has three specialized pillars: Talent, Revenue, and Corporate. However, all three pillars have one thing in common. Resilient, hard-working, and trailblazing women who continue to go above and beyond each day in their specific roles. Without the women at ALKU, we would not be where we are today.   

In this first spotlight, we will focus on the achievements of several women in ALKU’s Talent pillar!  

ALKU’s First Women Run Office: 
Durham Training Center Sales Manager, Caree Pitts, and Durham Training Center Recruiting Manager, Zerinee Depina run the Durham Training Center side by side.   

Since Caree started at ALKU, she has been passionate and driven. She is personable, willing, and selfless. She continuously goes out of her way to help others and teach them about ALKU. Much like Caree, Zerinee has built countless internal and external relationships. She is successful, passionate, and willing.   

Caree and Zerinee are responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, and developing Interns at the Durham Training Center and working towards developing Interns into full-time employees while building the future of ALKU every day.   

Talent Experience Group a New Division in the Talent Pillar: 
Talent Experience Coordinator, Sam Ghika and Renee Hall work hand in hand to ensure a feeling of connection and support from the moment you become an employee at ALKU. Sam focuses on ALKU’s Intern hires, and Renee focuses on ALKU’s full-time hires.   

Talent Experience aims to own, coordinate, and enhance the new hire experience across all three of ALKU’s pillars: Corporate, Revenue, and Talent!  

Sam and Renee support and engage in ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture, values, and overall knowledge of the company throughout their journey.   

Corporate Crushing  
Internal Recruiter, Anna Magliano started at ALKU in a brand new role on the Internal Recruiting team and hit the ground running and has made such a massive impact. She focuses on Recruiting specifically for Corporate positions at ALKU. She has had massive success and continues to go above and beyond to educate herself to find the perfect fit for every open Corporate role at ALKU.   

As ALKU grows, she is constantly busy but puts the same amount of dedication and determination into every candidate search. Anna is a rockstar, and ALKU would not know what they would do without her.   

ALKU Super Mom 
Vice President, Talent, Leah Bourdon joined ALKU as a Recruiter and played an integral part in building and managing her team and its leaders. Later in her career, she transitioned to develop the Talent pillar.   

Today, Leah’s area of responsibility continues to be one of the most critical pieces to the growth and future of ALKU—the acquisition of new talent and the training and development of her pillar. Leah will continue to oversee and expand all these areas to allow ALKU to grow.  

Additionally, Leah is a working Mom who initially started ALKU’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Parents Group. This ERG is for ALKU parents, expecting parents, or people who want to know what it’s like to be an ALKU parent. Not to mention, Leah is one of the founders of ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), another ERG at ALKU.   

Stay tuned for the next Women’s History Month Spotlights featuring ALKU’s Revenue and Corporate pillars.