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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Revenue

March 13, 2023


In our next spotlight, we will focus on the achievements of several women in ALKU’s Revenue pillar! 

Government DCI Resource Manager, Lauren Baylor
Lauren started as a Government IT Resource Manager. Today, she is a Government DCI Resource Manager. Her day-to-day is spent managing and mentoring new Recruiters on the team while planning and running her own business. She is responsible for helping her team hit their financial, cultural, and personal goals. Lauren sets the tone for her group, pushing everyone to hit and exceed their goals.  

Lauren is described as being positive and hardworking, and she continuously puts her team first and will go the extra mile for her team to hit their goals. Overall, Lauren is someone you can always depend on to deliver and to make sure the group is succeeding. 

Recruiting Manager, Workday HCM, Molly Terry
Molly started as a Workday HCM Recruiter. Today, she is a Workday HCM Recruiting Manager. Molly is described as being passionate, driven, and articulate. In addition, she is trustworthy, reliable, and truly cares about the success of others.   

Molly’s main priority is to grow producers and help each Recruiter get to the next level. Since taking on this role, Molly has had incredible success. However, her greatest accomplishment has been the relationships she has developed as a leader.  

We can expect to continue to see her flourish as a leader due to her commitment to others’ success. 

Pharmaceutical Quality Recruiter, Katrina Kiely
Katrina started as a Medical Device QVC Recruiter. While working towards management, she took a leap of faith and transitioned over to Pharmaceutical. She has helped train and develop four Recruiters under her and grow the Pharmaceutical Quality group.  

Today, Katrina is a Recruiting Manager for Pharmaceutical Quality. She consistently produces at a high level but, most importantly, helps to develop Recruiters and a team under her as well as a culture in her team.   

Katrina is described as fierce, personable, and most admired for her work ethic. She demands excellence, and since she started her ALKU career has been first in, last out, and that continues for her even in a Leadership role. 

Recruiting Development Manager, Carolynn Ellsworth
Carolynn was previously a Pharmaceutical Quality Recruiter, and she was one of the first Recruiters to spearhead the Pharmaceutical group in 2016 when the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device teams split.   

Today, Carolynn is a Recruiting Development Manager for the Pharmaceutical team. She Recruiters for all four Pharmaceutical groups and holds countless records for her team.   

She is described as being fearless and competitive. She is reliable, determined to be the best, and won’t stop for anything less. She is highly personable and has excellent relationships across the entire company.