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You’re Invited to ALKU’s Annual Fall Open House!

October 22, 2021


Everyone has something they look forward to when the leaves change and fall sets in. For some its apple cider donuts, apple picking, football Sundays, or fall fashion, for the ALKrew it’s the fall Open House!

Each fall, ALKU invites the family and friends of the ALKrew to join us in the office for an open house! Every office location, including our Training Centers, welcomes our supporters to step in the shoes of the ALKrew and see what a day in the life at an ALKU office is like! This tradition of bringing everyone together and sharing an inside peek into our world is something we treasure. We couldn’t let 2021 stop the fun so we took the Open House virtual!

On Thursday, all of the ALKrew invited friends, roommates, parents, siblings, grandparents, you name it, to join a company-wide Zoom call where we shared a prerecorded panel video of some of ALKU’s executives answering some hard-hitting questions. The video also included members of the ALKrew sharing their ALKU stories and successes! Over 300 people were tuned into the Zoom!

The event wrapped up with mixologist, the Fevahhh, who taught us how to make festive fall cocktails and mocktails!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the ALKrew at the open house and to all of our “behind-the-scenes” ALKU supporters—we appreciate you!