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Zach Stevens Promoted to Senior Client Services Manager

November 16, 2021


Zach started his career like many of his fellow ALKrew members as an Intern at the Durham Training Center before coming on full-time in June of 2016 as a Client Services Coordinator. Zach is extremely hardworking and it shows. Over the last several years, he has made a significant impact in Client Services through his work ethic and attention to detail.   

Zach took an idea and turned that idea into a group and an improved client onboarding process. He has become well versed with MSA’s during his tenure. The more MSA’s Zach reviews, the more he can determine what is best for ALKU in the future. In addition to being an MSA expert, Zach manages a team of six and oversees all divisions at ALKU when it comes to Client Services.  

With this and more, we are excited to announce the promotion of Zach Stevens to Senior Client Services Manager!   

In this new role, Zach will continue to oversee the Client Services side of billing. He will help Account Managers with MSAs, insurances, and new client onboarding. As the Client Services team grows, Zach will train and mentor current and new employees on his team. In the new year, he will take on the Client Services responsibilities of ALKU’s top accounts as well as our Government divisions.   

Congratulations, Zach! The sky is the limit and we cannot wait to see all that you achieve!  

“The first thing that stands out about Zach is the relationships he has created with the Account Managers. He cares so much that I get texts at 8:00 at night about MSAs. He is the voice of reason and when Zach is out of office, it isn’t the same. He always wants what’s best for ALKU, and to me that’s the definition of a leader. Zach has built an unbelievable team from the ground up. He took an idea and created a process, turning it into a well-oiled division. Zach should have a line ticket dispenser because every day there is a line of Account Managers waiting for him with questions. Congrats Zach and can’t wait to see what the future holds!” -Walter Gillis, Senior Billing Manager 

“Congratulations Zach! When I think of this promotion, a few things come to mind right away. For starters, it’s amazing how reliable and skilled you are at your job. The things that are asked of you and some of which never seem fair or reasonable. Always gets it done to completion with a smile and an explanation. Zach is the Swiss Army Knife of staffing. He understands, shares, and delivers as much as anybody and as well as anybody. The knowledge Zach has coupled with his objective approach is what has allowed a strong partnership to be forged amongst Client Services, Account Managers, Accounts Receivable, Cash, Billing, and Executives. Zach, congrats, you deserve it, and thank you for all that you do every day!” – Stephen Dowling, Workday HCM Sales Manager 

“Zach Stevens is one of the hardest working, most diligent individuals that I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is an absolute staple in the Billing and Client Services world. I think I speak for all Account Managers at ALKU when I say we would be lost without Zach. His ability to assist the Sales team through so many topics is extremely valuable. He has the respect and appreciation of everyone that he works with. This promotion to me is so deserving and long overdue. It truly is one of those promotions where you say: “He isn’t that already?”. I’ve also been so pleased to see how Zach has helped grow others within his team. You see bits and pieces of Zach in the people that he is working to grow. Each of those team members is better off for having taken traits from him. Congratulations Zach, you deserve this I’m confident in saying this will not be the last promotion for you!” -Dan Lyons, Senior Epic and Cyber Security Sales Manager