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Zerinee Depina Promoted to Training Center Recruiting Manager, Durham

July 26, 2023


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Zerinee began working at ALKU in July 2021 as a Recruiter for Medical Device, Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific. She distinguished herself by establishing solid connections with her consultants. In just eighteen months, she accomplished an impressive amount through her recruiting efforts. Zerinee’s dedication to cultivating relationships and assisting others made her the ideal candidate for the position of Training Center Recruiting Manager, Durham. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and considerate nature allowed her to transition smoothly into this role and make an immediate impact. She continues to put others before herself while raising the bar.

Since late winter, Zerinee has been serving as the Training Center Recruiting Manager, Durham, and she has been exceptional in her duties. She has worked tirelessly to gain a thorough understanding of all the different departments and divisions, ensuring that she can provide Interns with answers to any questions they may have, regardless of the side of the desk they support, because she is someone that truly cares. Zerinee has been instrumental in guiding her Interns toward success, and she has even helped extend multiple full-time offers.

Zerinee is an active participant in College Relationship Development (CRD) events and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), UNITY and AWE, outside of her usual work routine. She is committed to building a positive reputation for the ALKU brand at the University of New Hampshire and enjoys engaging in on-campus events to create relationships with potential future Interns. Additionally, Zerinee fosters a positive work culture at the Durham Training Center by providing great energy, creativity, and fun. Her efforts make it the perfect place to work, and the Interns respect her leadership and know when it’s time to focus on the task at hand.

Zerinee holds a position where she handles diverse responsibilities such as conducting interviews, recruiting, training, and nurturing interns at the Durham office. Her primary objective is to prepare them to become full-time employees. Congratulations, Zerinee! We look forward to witnessing all the success you achieve in this new role.

“Congratulations, Zee!!! Zee has come so far in the short amount of time she has been up in Durham. She has interviewed, hired, trained, and developed dozens of Interns. She has also extended multiple full-time offers! It is clear to the Interns and the visitors every single day how much she cares about the success of her Interns. She always brings the energy and the fun and isn’t afraid to get creative. Zee takes a lot of pride in working to raise the bar to develop and grow her people to ensure the full-time offices are getting the best Interns yet. Zee is eager and thorough and holds her Interns accountable. I can’t wait to see Zee and Caree take the Durham Training Center to the moon!” – Senior Manager, Training Centers, Corrine Paynter

“Congratulations to Zerinee “The Gemini” Depina on completing her roadmap! Since joining the Training Center team, Zerinee has been a force to be reckoned with! Her upbeat attitude and great personality make her a pleasure to work with and learn from. Her willingness to put others before herself is unmatched, and her ability to be compassionate while holding people accountable is impressive. Zerinee has been building meaningful relationships with Interns since her first day in Durham. She knows exactly how to keep things fun and light while still being focused and productive. The Training Center team is extremely excited to see how Zerinee and Caree continue to grow the Durham Training Center and produce some of the best talents ALKU has seen! Congratulations Zerinee!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan

“I can’t think of a better role for ZZ. She has such a huge heart and truly cares for the people around her. Her consultants still bring her up to me every day, and it is not surprising because of her work ethic and accountability. Zerinee (Z, ZZ, Z-money) has kept the same energy and passion for ALKU since she walked in the door, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what she accomplishes as a Training Center manager at UNH. I don’t know anyone who truly embodies Have Fun Working Hard® more than ZZ. The future of ALKU is lucky to have you guiding them!” – Sales Manager, Medical Device Regulatory & Clinical Affairs, John Barrett