Introducing Bullhorn Time & Expense!

What is Bullhorn One?

Bullhorn One is an all-encompassing platform for onboarding paperwork – (Onboarding 365) and time and expense entry (Bullhorn Time & Expense aka BTE)

Why did we change systems?

ALKU has worked with Bullhorn since our inception and grown while using their products. The successful business relationship we have with Bullhorn has allowed us to customize products to our needs over time. We are excited to see how their newest product, Bullhorn One will add efficiencies to our onboarding and time and expense entry!

What is changing?

Quite a bit! Please take the time to read through this email in its entirety as it contains important information about changes to time and expense entry. For the most part, the changes are cosmetic, but it is important to us that you have the knowledge and resources ahead of this transition to make it as seamless as possible.

If you are currently onboarding or have paperwork in progress in our existing system, “ALKU  Your Time,” please complete the paperwork in there. You will still have access to do so and will not need to use 365 unless you have future paperwork to complete.

Important to Note

BTE is mobile-friendly! 

Emails come from This is a do-not-reply email address so please reach out directly to your Personnel Coordinator or with questions.


Please reach out to your Personnel Coordinator directly or with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time! We are excited to continue to grow with this BH product and expect to see continued improvements and efficiencies to our time and expense process for years to come!


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