Dan Lyons

Sales Director, HCIT & DISS

A University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate, Dan joined ALKU as an SAP Recruiter in June 2012. Due to his incredible drive and passion, he has advanced into his current role as Director of HCIT & DISS, overseeing multiple teams’ growth and development. Dan’s teams are spread out across three of ALKU’s full-time offices, where he is responsible for developing and guiding Sales Leaders and Account Managers.

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard®?” 

As someone who aims to be a very hard worker, I like to take time to have fun and make it light with the folks I work with. You spend so much time together doing this job – you might as well have fun with the people you are doing this with!

What is your favorite way to get involved at ALKU? 

I really enjoy getting involved in helping other employees achieve new levels of success that they haven’t reached before. Having 12 years of experience, I have lessons to share that many newer employees can benefit from.

What is your day-to-day life like outside of ALKU?

Outside of work, I like spending time with my wife and son. I’m very active and enjoy challenging myself by participating in endurance activities. I’m also an avid Boston sports fan!