David Bruner

Vice President of Business Development/Founder

Dave has over twelve years of experience in the consulting industry. Prior to joining ALKU, Dave worked for a large consulting firm where he excelled in his production role. His responsibilities grew over the course of his career, making him an expert in account development and growth strategy. Dave joined ALKU in 2008 as one of its founding partners. His business knowledge and experience have made him a perfect fit in his role as Vice President of Business Development.
As VP of Business Development his responsibilities include starting new teams, managing client growth, sustaining long term business partnerships, as well as overseeing large opportunity development and plans. Dave works directly with senior management to consistently identify and target new opportunities in effort to optimize ALKU’s business growth.

Dave believes that dedication along with hard work is essential in yielding success within this business.

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard?”
I Have Fun Working Hard by making fun of Jon Kujala all day and by making ALKU as successful as it can be.

Outside of ALKU:
When Dave is not strategizing for the next big opportunity, he enjoys spending time with his family.