Leah Bourdon

Vice President

Prior to joining ALKU, Leah held a key role in a major political campaign where her organizational and interpersonal skills were developed. Leah then joined ALKU as a recruiter and played an integral part in building and managing her team and its leaders. Due to her incredible drive and work ethic, Leah advanced into her current role of Vice President. In this role, Leah’s area of responsibility will continue to be one of the most important pieces to the growth and future of ALKU—the acquisition of new talent, and the training and development of that talent. Leah will continue to oversee all these areas and grow them to allow ALKU to grow.

Leah believes that building strong team camaraderie among her people is a motivating force in the overall production and success of the company. Her loyalty to developing her people, in turn, has created an unstoppable team

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard?”
I love to Have Fun Working Hard with Selfie Stick Friday where we take group selfies every week documenting something cool about our office and our people!

Outside of ALKU:
When she’s not hyping up her team, Leah enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children, and two dogs.