Patty Blanchard

Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device

Since joining Leadership, Patty has gone above and beyond to help her team succeed. She is always bringing positive energy into the office every day. Patty is always determined to make those around her smile and have a great mindset. Patty continues to lead by example daily and encourages the ALKrew to be the best. As Director of Medical Device Recruiting, Patty oversees recruiting within Medical Device QVC, Medical Device TE, and Medical Device RS. She develops and works with Recruiting Managers in these areas and plays a large part in the recruiting operations within these groups and ALKU as a whole

How do you “Have Fun Working Hard®”?
I Have Fun Working Hard® by bringing positive energy into the office daily! I love bugging managers and breaking their serious mentality to see a smile from time to time.

What is your favorite way to get involved at ALKU?
My favorite way to get involved at ALKU is by volunteering at the Lazarus House. I love bonding with my team and giving back to a fantastic cause while Having Fun Working Hard.

What is your day-to-day life like outside of ALKU?
Outside of ALKU, I spend time with my husband and dog, Finley! We love walking downtown to grab a coffee in the mornings and watching old reruns of Survivor at night. We recently bought a house, so we have been spending a lot of time finding furniture to fill our new home. Additionally, we enjoy finding new recipes to cook and even having food competitions occasionally!